Aug. 6, 2012

New logging-while-drilling formation evaluation service

NeoScope, a new sourceless logging-while-drilling formation evaluation service, is based on pulsed neutron generator technology that eliminates the need for chemical sources.

The service offers a full suite of sourceless formation evaluation measurements, including spectroscopy, sigma, neutron porosity, and neutron-gamma density. It also delivers gamma ray images and array resistivity measurements for well placement. A set of ultrasonic calipers and a full drilling mechanics package complete the measurement and interpretation suite that helps optimize the drilling process. The technology provides real time measurements close to the drillbit to guide interpretation and decision making in all drilling environments.

Specialists download data from the evaluation tool.

With its compact design and neutron-on-demand technology, this service is designed to save rig time, reduce risks, and provide a comprehensive suite of petrophysical measurements, the firm notes. With more than 200 jobs conducted at last count in the field test phase for customers in more than 30 countries, the NeoScope service has demonstrated its ability to provide high quality data while lowering operational and technical risk, the company adds.

The company has field tested the service for the last 4 years in a range of formations and environments from tight carbonates to conventional clastics to validate the measurement response. Company specialists have also verified the measurement physics through modeling and experimentation in the laboratory and the field. Typical of the jobs run during the field test phase, the service was used to acquire a full suite of petrophysical measurements in a directional exploration well in Africa, where poor borehole conditions prevented wireline tools from reaching the entire interval of interest. The NeoScope measurements acquired helped save the customer 7 days by eliminating the time and cost associated with chemical source deployment while providing the data required to successfully evaluate the well.

Source: Schlumberger Ltd., 5599 San Felipe, 17th Floor, Houston, TX 77056.

Unit detects fuel, gas fires

The new 3600-I Triple IR (IR3) flame detector discovers fuel and gas fires at long distances. The company says its unit has high immunity to false alarms.

The tool can detect a 1 sq ft gasoline pan fire at 215 ft in less than 5 sec. It features a heated window, to eliminate condensation and icing; and HART capabilities for digital communications.

Other features are:

• Triple spectrum design for long distance detection and high false alarm immunity.

• Sensitivity selection to help ensure no zone crossover detection.

• Automatic and manual built-in-test to help assure operation.

• Heated window for operation in snow, ice, and condensation.

• Multiple output options for flexibility and compatibility.

–Relays (3) for alarm, fault, and auxiliary.

–0-20 mA (stepped).

–HART protocol for maintenance and asset management.

–RS-485, modbus compatible.

• Reliability—minimum 150,000 hr mean time before failure.

Source: Sierra Monitor Corp., 1991 Tarob Court, Milpitas, CA 95035.

New sensor aids flow chemistry monitoring uses

A new high pressure sensor is designed for use with FlowIR.

FlowIR is a small, dedicated Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy instrument that offers real time flow chemistry monitoring nearly anywhere within a continuous reactor setup. The addition of durable high pressure sensors helps expand the use of flow chemistry by allowing users to gain the enhanced control of process parameters provided by FlowIR in high-pressure experiments.

Interchangeable sensors, available in DiComp and SiComp models, allow chemists working with high pressure experiments to quickly and easily swap sensor types to meet the needs of the current application. The firm says its new models can be trusted under pressures as high as 725 psi and temperatures of as much as 120° C.

Source: Mettler-Toledo International Inc., Im Langacher, Box MT-100, CH-8606 Greifensee, Switzerland.