July 9, 2012

Formation evaluation product suite upgraded

The latest version of Geolog formation evaluation software suite—Geolog 7—combines the system's technology with a modern, user friendly interface that is consistent across multiple platforms.

It focuses on improved ergonomics, with a new user interface that has a Windows look and feel, enhancing ease of use and streamlining the learning curve. Menu-driven work flows have been replaced with dedicated, consistent work-flow windows. New features include drag-and-drop data loading, an advanced core analysis and saturation height modeling module, and a complete audit trail that enables users to trace the history of any individual log.

Source: Paradigm Ltd., Two Memorial Plaza, 820 Gessner, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77024.

New plasma spray gun

The new SinplexPro plasma spray gun is designed to increase productivity with little additional equipment investment.

It is a single-cathode gun with a fixed cascaded arc, enabling users to spray more material in less time often with higher deposition efficiencies, the company says. The firm says the cascaded arc design produces a more consistent plume temperature and velocity profile compared with other single cathode models. This results in an overall reduction in material costs and processing times.

Because the SinplexPro can be easily integrated into most existing plasma spray systems, it offers a low-risk investment that will not disrupt current production. Furthermore, when the gun is installed, users will retain the ability to operate different guns in a single booth, allowing technicians to continue using existing plasma guns where necessary.

The tool is offered in 90o and 180o configurations so it can be used for a variety of applications and processing requirements. It also has thorium-free gun components, ensuring it meets regulations in global markets, the firm points out.

Source: Sulzer Metco US Inc., 1101 Prospect Ave., Westbury, NY 11590.

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