May 14, 2012

New simulated service vessel

A new simulated service vessel, which is a deepwater test chamber for end-to-end thermal insulation systems, is available for industry operations.

It accommodates pipe samples as large as 6 m long and 910 mm external diameter, and simulates water depths to as deep as 3,000 m and temperatures of as much as 180° C.

Source: ShawCor Ltd., 25 Bethridge Rd., Toronto, Ont. M9W 1M7.

Reservoir characterization suite redesigned

A complete redesign of this firm's suite of reservoir characterization applications has new functionality and now shares a common intuitive interface and data management system among all modules.

Called HRS-9, the enhanced software interface acts as a dashboard, integrating all functionality from the previously separate programs into a single application. This new architecture is further enhanced with user-customizable work flows that span the historic separate applications, resulting in a more complete, solutions-based approach to reservoir characterization. Efficiency and speed advancements include multithreaded 64-bit computing, allowing for the managed use of multiple CPU cores, batch processing for optimum resource scheduling, and the ability to chain processes together that require the output from one process as the input for another.

Source: Hampson-Russell Software & Services Ltd., Grove House, 551 London Rd., Isleworth, London, TW7 4DS, UK.

New remote operated vehicle

Here's the new Tomahawk, a multirole remote operated vehicle built to be fast and agile, and it shares the same 35 kw power system and thrusters as the firm's largest electric, the Comanche. The new unit is made by Sub-Atlantic Ltd., Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Tomahawk's open deck space and payload are supported by a large buoyancy area, which provides a stable platform. It is rated to a depth of 3,000 m, which suits it for deepwater operations such as the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, and Brazil. It is also suited to other uses including survey, well intervention, and drilling support tasks.

Relative to electrohydraulic work-class systems, Tomahawk helps reduce the volume of personnel and the level of specialism required to operate it. The ROV can also be equipped with a 10 kw hydraulic power unit for running heavy-duty manipulators, tools, and work skids.

Source: Forum Energy Technologies Inc., 920 Memorial City Way, Suite 800, Houston, TX 77024.

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