Sept. 17, 2012

Unit helps monitor, control wellbore conditions

The Smart Pumper from Houston-based Smart Pumper automatically controls and regulates any variable frequency drive (VFD; electric, hydraulic motors) or valve in response to wellbore conditions or operator input.

The maker says its unit is available at less cost than SCADA systems. The firm says the device also facilitates the inexpensive collection of data from sensors and meters. As a universal platform, it is equipped with built-in communication and systems integration that provides the capability to monitor and control any artificial lift device in real time from anywhere in the world.

It can be programmed to automatically shut down the pumps to keep the equipment safe. Furthermore, it can detect a change in fluid levels in a well and alter the pump rate to provide precision pumping that matches inflow with pump output. If there is an increase in fluid entry into the well, the unit will automatically increase the rate of production.

Source: PetroCom Technologies Ltd., 38 Maraval Rd., Newton, Trinidad, W.I.

New ethernet switch

The new, highly scalable, compact-sized Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switch meets a broad range of switching capabilities—from entry-level, machine-builder applications through converged or IT-ready integrated user solutions.

The switch delivers secure integration of business-critical services and support from the plant floor to the enterprise. It also helps simplify the design and development of machine-level networks through configuration and monitoring tools. These tools help enable easy setup and diagnostics from within this firm's integrated architecture system, bridging the gap between IT and the automation engineer.

Source: Rockwell Automation Inc., 1201 S. Second St., Milwaukee, WI 53204.