April 2, 2012

New gas compressor

Here's the new T-Style (THG600 Series) horizontal gas compressor.

These units offer the largest capacity of any of the company's compressors. Uses include wellhead gas recovery, pressure boosting, and gas blanketing.

T-Styles are typically used in corrosive or toxic applications where maximum leakage containment and noncontamination of the gas stream are critical. The T-Style is an oil-free design that has one set of oil wiper rings and three sets of packing that form two distance pieces or barriers to external leakage.

For a range of application flexibility, each distance piece has its own line connections and can be pressurized, purged, or vented separately. This allows users to choose the best method of containment for specific applications. For convenience, purge kits with all of the accessories needed to control the purging or pressurization of each chamber are available.

The THG600 series is available in single, two, three, or four-stage configurations that provide a range of capacities and pressures.

Source: Corken Inc., 3805 N.W. 36th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

New underwater pile-guiding frame

The StabFrame, a new subsea pile-stabilizing template, is available to the industry.

Jointly developed by Norwich, England-based Acteon Group members Large Diameter Drilling Ltd., Cornwall, England, and MENCK GMBH, Kaltenkirchen, Germany, the StabFrame promises to stabilize piles in all depths required for underwater pile driving.

The developers say the template successfully stabilized mooring piles during its first offshore pile installation operation recently conducted in unpredictable soil conditions in the Campos basin off Brazil. The piles were needed for installation of a floating production, storage, and off-loading mooring system to aid in Waimea field development by OGX Petroleo e Gas Participacoes SA, Rio de Janeiro.

The operation was carried out under a contract let by Wellstream International Ltd., Houston, to MENCK to drive ten 84-in. mooring piles in water depths of as much as 140 m using a MENCK MHU 500T hydraulic hammer.

Steered via a work-class remotely operated vehicle, the StabFrame stabilizes a vertical pile in varying soil conditions. Rather than relying on a release mechanism attached to the pile, the template's hydraulic release mechanism allows the pile to be driven farther into the seabed, if required, before opening the frame. In this way, the StabFrame can adjust to uncertain and challenging seabed conditions.

Source: Large Diameter Drilling Ltd., Rosemanowes Quarry, Herniss, Longdowns, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9DU, UK.

Oil field disk brake web site

A new web site provides information on oil field disk brakes, centrifugal clutch couplings, and flexible couplings and shafts.

The web site,, contains specific product features and benefits as well as selection guides and braking calculations. A link to the literature portal allows quick access to application profiles, data sheets, brochures, catalogs, and service manuals, all available as PDF downloads. Global distributer and sales locators are also provided.

Source: Twiflex Ltd., 9 Briar Rd., Twickenham, Middlesex, England TW2 6RB.

Safety heater for tanks

The ThermoVaultT is a safe, effective alternative to fire tube/burner assemblies for heating aboveground storage tanks. The new unit is suited for use in hazardous areas such as light oil applications when fire tubes may not be allowed.

The firm says ThermoVaultT testing revealed reductions to nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide while meeting the same heating requirements compared with conventional fire tube/burner assemblies.

Source: Enviro Vault Canada Ltd., #105, 7370 Sierra Morena Blvd. SW, Calgary, Alta. T3H 4H9.

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