May 28, 2012

X-ray detector series expands

The DXR series of portable X-ray detectors has two new additions.

The DXR250C-W and DXR250U-W are designed to withstand harsh environments and can be wirelessly connected or tethered to a laptop computer. They are quickly deployed in challenging field conditions and provide easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach areas such as pipe racks, the company points out.

The expansion of the series to include a wireless solution is designed to facilitate in-field conversion from film to digital radiography by enabling shorter exposure times, instant image reviews, and reduced shooting times.

The DXR250C-W detector has an 8-by-8-in. imager and the DXR250U-W detector has a 16-by-16-in. imager.

The DXR250C-W also can be tethered with mains supply or battery-connected with a data cable if necessary to suit different inspection setups. When used with the company's Rhythm DR acquisition software, a premium image can be displayed in real time to assess corrosion-erosion or identify flaws in welds. Additionally, reports can be printed on site using Rhythm Report, or DICONDE-compliant images can be transmitted to a remote Rhythm Review station for further analysis. All data can be stored using Rhythm Archive.

Engineered for ease of operation, the new detectors are shock-protected, sealed to IP65 standard, and available with an optional hard cover for additional ruggedness. Additionally offered are a full set of industrial accessories including power supply, dongle, tether cable sets, transport cases, and filters to optimize performance for field applications.

Source: GE Measurement & Control, 3155 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828.

Newly released dynamic simulation software

The newest release of SimSci-Esscor dynamic simulation software—DYNSIM Version 5.0—offers features that expand its capabilities, improve its performance, lower total cost of ownership, extend usage, and reduce the time required to engineer and build process models.

Dynamic simulation studies that are commonly performed with DYNSIM software include distillation column relief load reduction, compressor start-up and surge analysis, depressuring analysis, refinery steam control, and flare system analysis.

DYNSIM software is a rigorous, first-principle dynamic simulator that predicts the time-dependent behavior of processes. The firm says that a well designed DYNSIM model accurately depicts the same hydraulic, heat transfer, and other equipment constraints as the actual plant.

Source: Invensys Operations Management, 5601 Granite Parkway III, Suite 1000, Plano, TX 75024.

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