April 16, 2012

New high pressure retaining access equipment

Here's a series of new Cosasco secondary process containment access fittings, probe adapters, and double block and bleed service valves.

The high pressure retaining covers and probe adapters are rated for pressures as high as 10,000 psi, offering an additional layer of protection for access under pressure. The high pressure access fitting covers feature a bleed valve to release any pressure buildup and a pressure gauge to show any pressure that may have accumulated.

The new high pressure corrosion monitoring probe adapter for Microcor and Corrosometer electrical resistance corrosion probes have a hermetically sealed connector and are pressure rated to as much as 10,000 psi.

The double block and bleed service valve is designed to provide an extra layer of protection from process fluids to ensure maximum safety requirements are met. The valve has a secondary ball/sealing surface to retain pressure in the event that the first ball or sealing surface is damaged. The valve operates mechanically thus eliminating the need for compressors and a local power source that would require additional equipment and may not always be available in the field.

Source: Rohrback Cosasco Systems, 11841 E. Smith Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

Oil field vacuum truck

The AllVac high-performance vacuum truck offers the oil field a superior vacuum and filtration design for greater productivity and longer life.

The firm says its unit sets a long-term productivity standard for the removal of various debris, using a filtration design with twin cyclones that ensure wet, dry, and fine materials are separated to create clean air. It operates with a single engine that controls the chassis and vacuum system—saving in costs and resulting in less fuel consumption, less noise, and fewer emissions and maintenance requirements. Other features are:

• Air cannon cleaning system that operates continually and resets after every cycle.

• Universal filter bags that help maximize volume of airflow.

• Hinged twin-cyclone top door for access to duct work for easy decontamination.

Source: Vacall Industries, 406 Mill Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, OH 44663.

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