Aug. 27, 2012

Wellhead outlet range expanded

An expanded range of wellhead outlets is available to the industry.

The new lightweight electrical Type-C4 unit shown at right is compact and is designed especially for standard smaller NPT wellhead connections. All outlets are ATEX and IECEx-certified and designed to help ensure that the integrity of the well and the electrical connections are maintained. The new hybrid electric and fiber optic wellhead outlet is shown on the left. New fiber optic outlets are designed to meet higher wellsite ratings and criteria, such as 15,000 psi pressure and in some cases temperatures as high as 204° C. They are suited for multiple fibers in single mode and multimode.

Source: AnTech Ltd., Unit 7, Newbery Centre, Airport Business Park, Exeter, England, UK EX5 2UL.

New motor safeguard

Here’s the redesigned ASM Series Smart-Switch, a self-calibrating version that uses the load current to set the trip point and provide the simplest way to ensure that a motor is working properly.

These current sensing switches are self-powered and self-calibrating to speed start-up and help minimize installation costs. Three models are available to provide status monitoring, overload or underload, or operating window (overload and underload) functionality to suit particular pump, fan, heating element, conveyor, or multiload safety-interlocked application needs. The output contact is AC and DC compatible for use with any automation system.

With this series the sensor automatically locks onto the normal current level and self-learns and establishes a limit-alarm trip point to help users take corrective action before a failure occurs. Eliminating the need to manually adjust sensor trip points also helps improve safety and NFPA 70E compliance by keeping screwdrivers out of an energized control panel. The ASM sensor slides or snaps over one conductor feeding the load. The contact controls the input voltage—AC or DC—to 135 v to a controller or small relay.

Source: NK Technologies, 3511 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95136.