July 16, 2012

New bypass plunger lift tool

Here's the new Uni-Flow plunger, this company's latest product in bypass plunger lift. It is designed to deliver the benefits of a ball and sleeve plunger in a one-piece flow-through design. The PP-238FLB-3 is shown at left, the SPG-238-90FLB-3 at right.

By containing the ball in a sealed cage, the Uni-Flow helps prevent lost and damaged equipment and associated wireline costs commonly associated with ball and sleeve plungers, the company notes. The tool is designed to operate in normal wellhead configurations, eliminating the need for a ball stopper or shift rod in the lubricator. It is also compatible with most bottomhole bumper springs.

The plunger is suited for high-volume gas and liquid wells. The design of the plunger allows it to fall against flow, reducing or eliminating shut-in times. Its multiple bypass slot configurations accommodate a range of production rates and allow the operator more control over fall speeds to maximize the life of the plunger and bottomhole equipment, the firm points out.

Source: Production Control Services Inc., 3771 Eureka Way, Frederick, CO 80516.

Reserves reporting software

A new program called Reserves Guard helps protect E&P firms from overestimating oil and gas reserves.

The developer says that recent cases have shown that this scenario has possible far-reaching consequences, particularly if information relating to the estimate data is not readily available.

Reserves Guard is designed to secure this information, helping ensure it is easily accessible if required by auditors.

The firm says that when operators are required to submit reports to book their reserves' estimates the underlying data that provide the foundation for these reports are not always managed or filed consistently. In some cases, the evidence behind these reports can be requested by an auditor, often expected within a matter of days.

Reserves Guard tackles this by providing a framework for geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers to submit their data by asset and region. The information is locked down by individual business units before being managed centrally, allowing data to be accessed quickly and with ease.

Source: Reservoir Group, 1 Albyn Terrace, Aberdeen AB10 1YP, UK.

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