July 17, 2006

Ultrasonic flowmeter accurate to 0.1%

The improved-accuracy Sentinel multipath ultrasonic flowmeter is specifically geared to the fiscal custody transfer of natural gas.

The firm says the unit’s 0.1% accuracy suits it for transmission, distribution, and storage uses.

It’s available in pipe size ranges of 4-24 in. and meets AGA9 criteria. The system uses a two-diametrical-path, single-traverse meter body design with a 10 diameter upstream pipe run and a flow conditioning plate. This configuration provides sufficient flow conditioning to handle any upstream flow disturbance and provides a well-defined flow profile at the meter body.

Source: GE Sensing, Boston Center, 1100 Technology Drive, Billerica, MA 01821-4111.

New slurrification, cement batch mixer package

A new combined cutting slurrification and cement batch mixer package offers operators an integrated solution to cementing and waste management needs, while helping save rig space and reduce manpower and inventory requirements.

Whereas existing approaches required each component to have its own skid and pump, this new integrated solution provides all the functionality in one package by combining proved cement batch mixer technology with cuttings slurrification capabilities, the company points out.

The Total Fluids Management solution helps operators effectively manage cuttings and other drilling waste, the firm says. It enables them to create a high solids ratio, low rheological disposal fluid that easily is prepared at the surface and disposed of into the targeted subsurface formation.

Source: Fluid Systems Div., Halliburton Co., Box 3, Houston, TX 77001.

New cement evaluation service

The new Isolation Scanner cement evaluation service promises accurate evaluation of traditional, heavyweight, and latest generation lightweight and foam cements.

By measuring radially and deeper toward the formation, the Isolation Scanner confirms zonal isolation, pinpoints any channels in the cement, and ensures confident squeeze or no-squeeze decisions. In addition, due to its depth of investigation, it provides detailed information about casing and casing-within-casing eccentralization, while ID and thickness measurements identify any corrosion or drilling-induced wear.

It permits evaluation of the latest generation of light, ultralight, and heavyweight, as well as conventional, cements,.

The new service combines traditional pulse-echo techniques with a new ultrasonic technique that induces a flexural wave in the casing using a transmitter and two receivers. It provides the position of the casing within the borehole or a second casing string, and the geometrical shape of the wellbore.

Source: Schlumberger, 300 Schlumberger Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77478.