April 7, 2008

Free online engineering calculator tool

A new free online engineering calculator tool is designed for use by engineers and students worldwide. The developer says the tool calculates complex engineering equations at the click of a button.

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Deepwater GOM knowledge base offered

A new 2008 deepwater Gulf of Mexico knowledge base—Reservoir KB—is directed towards gulf exploration and appraisal reservoir engineers.

The company says its database provides coverage of all the deepwater reservoirs currently either in production or sanctioned for development. And it provides continually updated reservoir performance metrics, analogs, lessons learned, and regional knowledge.

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Reservoir KB is provided on a subscription service as a hosted portal to a group of 18 operators in the region. Updates are presently provided on an annual basis, this date including fresh data and information covering 2007 as well as updated analysis. Reservoir KB has grown, together with deepwater activity in general, to 182 fields and 379 reservoirs from an initial coverage of 26 fields.

The database features a map-based interface that lets users select a field then drill down to reservoir and well information or navigate into the system using a search engine. The photo above shows a zoomable user interface.

Source: Knowledge Reservoir LLC, 1800 West Loop South, Suite 1000, Houston, TX 77027.

New laser range measuring, tracking tool

The new PD 4 laser range meter measuring device provides accurate measurements at the push of a button.

With a sensor-automated backlight and simple, one-button operation for measuring and tracking functionality, the PD 4 measures distances with laser precision of ±112 in. from 7.8 in. up to 230 ft. Requiring only one person to operate, the laser range meter is able to measure quickly and safely in places where access is difficult, the firm points out.

The unit has durable rubber protection surrounding its edges, creating a dust-tight, water-resistant casing. Tested in up to 2 ft of water for up to 8 hr, the durability of the PD 4 allows the meter to withstand the harshest of job site conditions, the company says.

Under lifetime service, the PD 4 will be serviced quickly and reliably, if needed, with no additional cost for 2 years.

Source: Hilti Inc., 5400 S. 122nd E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146.