Oct. 23, 2000
The new SmartRadar LT is a level gauge designed for reliable and accurate inventory management in intermediate liquid storage applications.

New radar level gauge

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The new SmartRadar LT is a level gauge designed for reliable and accurate inventory management in intermediate liquid storage applications.

The gauge uses planar antenna technology, a method of measurement originally developed for satellite use.

In addition to level measurements that promise accuracy to within 3 mm, the LT supports the measurement of average temperature, density, and water interface. Through the use of digital frequency synthesis, there is no temperature drift, no requirement for calibration, and no warmup time, the company points out.

The gauge is compatible with a variety of storage tank configurations and, because it is nonintrusive, can be used for measuring asphalts, chemicals, oils, and liquefied gases. The unit is compact, lightweight, and self-contained.

The unit is lightningproof because of its galvanically isolated inputs and outputs. With no moving parts, the LT requires virtually no maintenance.

Source: Enraf BV, Box 812, 2600 AV Delft, Netherlands.

PC-based earth modeling software

The newest member of the Shapes family of PC-based earth modeling tools-ShapesPlanner-is fully integrated with ShapesProspector.

ShapesPlanner is a 2D/3D planning tool for wellbore trajectory design and quality assurance. Wells are viewed in the context of a full 3D geologic model. The software supports standard interpolation schemes, generates minimum length path subject to constraints such as pre and posthold, minimum radius and dog-leg severity, and computes intersection angles with surfaces and faults in fully linked 3D, map, and cross-section views.

The company says its Shapes family's portability and advanced functionality enable geologists to interpret complex geologic structures and perform site planning quickly.

Source: XOX Corp., 7640 W. 78th St., Bloomington, MN 55439.

New electronic displacer transmitter

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Here's the Model D11 electronic torque tube displacer level transmitter. At its heart is a mechanical sensing unit and an electronic transmitter. They promise accurate, reliable, and affordable measurement in liquid-to-liquid interface environments.

The D11 is packaged in a dual cavity, NEMA 4, 4X, and IP65 housing. It is FM, CSA, and SAA approved as an explosion-proof transmitter. It also carries intrinsically safe approvals from FM, CSA, and SAA. It offers these features:

  • Reliable level measurement, with a repeatability of +1% of full scale.
  • Measurement of level or interface.
  • Temperature range of -325° F. to +800° F. (-198° C. to +427° C.).
  • Pressure range of vacuum to 6,000 psig.

The transmitter, torque tube assembly, and displacer are manufactured by Fisher Controls.

Source: SOR Inc., 14685 W. 105th St., Lenexa, KS 66215-5964.

1,000 gpm rotary lobe pump

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The new SteriLobe 1,000 gpm rotary lobe pump provides greater pumping capacity for high viscosity or shear-sensitive operations.

The pump handles fluid viscosities up to 2,000,000 SSU (440,000 cSt) and develops pressures to 220 psig (15 bar) and temperature capabilities to 300° F. (150° C.). And 316L stainless steel construction helps ensure a range of applications.

The four-lobe rotor design provides nearly pulseless transfer or metering of virtually any fluid, from water to viscous or shear-sensitive liquids. A simple gear timing mechanism eliminates shimming, and front-loading seals make service fast and easy. Single or double mechanical seals are available for nearly any fluid application.

Source: Viking Pump Inc., 406 State St., Cedar Falls, IA 50613.