Oct. 16, 2000
The new FieldBrowser monitors any field device on a HART network, capture data for computer automated diagnostics, and sends alarms via e-mail, internet, intranet, or mobile phone.

New unit monitors field devices

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The new FieldBrowser monitors any field device on a HART network, capture data for computer automated diagnostics, and sends alarms via e-mail, internet, intranet, or mobile phone.

This new product is an extension of the company's Field Browser technology used exclusively with control valves equipped with ND8OO digital positioners. The unit can be used with mixed

networks, including any manufacturer's digital valves, pressure, temperature, and flow transmitters, and any other smart field device.

The system will:

  • Continuously monitor all smart field devices on a network.
  • Capture diagnostic or performance information generated by the device.
  • Send alarms when user-selected limits are exceeded.
  • Post all data captured to a comprehensive data base that can be used by a variety of computer automated diagnostic packages, including Valve Manager software.
  • Generate a web page with colored lights showing the condition of every field device on the network.
  • Allow authorized users to view all the information collected by the system using any web browser and this firm's data base viewer.

Source: Neles Automation, Box 310, Levytie 6, FIN-00811 Helsinki, Finland.

Radioactive tracers for exploration uses

A line of radiometric products and custom labeling services is designed to support subsurface tracing in oil and gas wells.

Stable, water soluble compounds include cobaltous hexacyanide (Co-57, Co-58, or Co-60), chlorine-36 and sodium-22 radionuclides, tritiated water (3H20), potassium thiocyanate (C-14), and sulfur-35. In addition, there's a variety of gas tracers, including ethane [3H]-, methane [3H]-, and krypton-85.

Custom labeled products and packaging services also provided help meet customer-specific exploration requirements. Custom labeling includes custom radiolabeling, stable isotope labeling, and labeling with nonradioactive reporter molecules. Custom packaging most frequently involves integration of the tracer product with a delivery system that includes a special container and appropriate fitting for the end of the drilling rig.

Source: NEN Life Science Products Inc., 549 Albany St., Boston, MA 02118.

High-pressure cleaner for offshore uses

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Here's a semimobile high-pressure water jetting unit designed for offshore cleaning and maintenance operations. The system is based on a horizontal ultrahigh-pressure plunger pump equipped with a pump head in central valve design. The system is electrically driven, and electric parts are isolated, the firm notes.

The system features 34 kw driving power, 1,200 rpm motor rotational speed, 50/60 hz frequency, 400/440/ 450/590 v; 29,000 psi operating pressure, and 9.5 l./min maximum nominal volumetric flow rate.

Tools are pneumatically driven, and do not generate dust, fume, heat, or vibrations, the company says.

Source: WOMA Apparatebau GMBH, Postfach 14 18 20,47208 Duisburg, Germany.

Fail safe controller

The quadruple modular redundantbased fail safe controller 2oo4D promises improved functional safety performance for a range of oil industry operations. The system contains a quadruple redundant CPU, which helps improve system fault tolerance for critical applications. It can be applied in high-integrity process-critical applications, and performs a range of process controls and safety functions. The controller is available in various system configurations, which all meet stringent process safety requirements.

Source: Honeywell SMS, Branderij- straat 6, NL-5223 AS's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

10,000 psi ultrasonic meter

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This new ultrasonic meter is suited for use in gas injection for secondary recovery and any other application involving rapid buildup or removal of line pressure to 10,000 psi.

The meter meets API requirements for 10,000 psi rated working pressure flanges, and transducers meet the same pressure rating for continuous service.

The new unit is bidirectional and nonintrusive for minimum pressure drop. It has no moving parts.

Source: Daniel, Box 19097, Houston TX 77224.

Mist eliminators for offshore use

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This high efficiency double pocket vane mist eliminator recovers liquid from vapor where limited space is available such as on offshore platforms and floating production, storage, and offloading vessels.

The unit's double pocket design removes captured liquids independently from the gas stream. This allows for higher gas flow capacities without fear of liquid reentrainment, the firm points out. The result is an efficient liquid and gas separation.

The company says that theses double pocket vane designs have increased separating capacity up to 50% when they replace a standard vane mist eliminator. Double pocket designs are durable and can be cleaned. Units are available in a variety of temperature and corrosion resistant materials. Separations specialists assist in determining blade spacing, number of passes, and other performance criteria.

Source: Amistco Separations Products Inc., 23221 W. Hwy. 6, Alvin, TX 77511.