First LNG arrives in Puerto Rico

Aug. 21, 2000
Increased growth in LNG trade within the next 10 years will directly affect both vessel demand and traditional trading patterns for natural gas worldwide.
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The 88,919-tonne Matthew LNG carrier offloads Puerto Rico's first receipt of LNG at Punta Guayanilla, Peñuelas.

The LNG, transported from Trinidad and Tobago's Atlantic LNG project at Port Fortin, Trinidad, will be regasified and used to produce electricity for EcoEléctrica LP, a cogeneration plant that supplies the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) with as much as 20% of Puerto Rico's current power demand.

The carrier, owned by Cabot LNG Shipping LLC-and one of the larger vessels currently used to transport LNG worldwide-has a capacity of 124,000 cu m (33 million gal) of LNG. It has two main routes, Trinidad-Puerto Rico and Trinidad-Boston.

EcoEléctrica LP is a joint partnership of Enron Corp. and Edison Mission Energy.

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