Aug. 14, 2000
A new underwater flare ignition system is designed for offshore oil and gas production facilities.

Underwater flare ignition system

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A new underwater flare ignition system is designed for offshore oil and gas production facilities. It provides safe, reliable and environmentally friendly flare ignition for flare tripods up to 2,000 m from the processing platform.

A reinforced fiber glass pipe is laid along the seabed from the platform to the tripod, through which an ignition pellet is launched. On exiting the pipe, the pellet bursts into a shower of sparks which ignites the gas cloud.

The main features of the system are long-distance operation, all weather ignition, with automatic and manual operation. The system is also suited for all flare tips, easily retrofitted into existing installations, has no pilot flares, and no electronics in an area of high heat radiation.

Source: Umoe Process Technology AS, Sandslihaugen 1, Box 64, N-5049, Sandsli, Norway.

Pump-off control; electronic dynamometer system

A revised model of the Penny Pincher pump off control is on themarket. The maker says a patent has been granted for the application of fiber optic technology to pump off controls, for the reduction of high voltage surges and lightning strikes.

The maker uses fiber optic cable to isolate the Penny Pincher's main logic board from the power supply, thus reducing the susceptibility of catastrophic damage from electrical spikes.

The firm also is making its new E Z Draw qualitative, electronic dynamometer system commercially available. The heart of the system is a strain gauge that is permanently installed on the walking beam of a pumping unit. The system is powered from the 12 v electrical system of the operator's vehicle and interfaced through a notebook type computer.

To activate the system, the operator simply plugs in to a stereo jack mounted some place convenient to the well. The system is then plugged into a power point or cigarette lighter of the operator's vehicle and it is ready to survey the well.

Dynagraphs from the well survey can be stored in the computer or on disk for later review, if desired. The dynagraphs can be reviewed on an individual basis, in segments, or as a complete session.

Source: D-Jax Corp., Box 1073, Midland, TX 79702.

New flowmeter regulator for welding uses

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Here's the H2051 high-accuracy, triple-scale flowmeter regulator for MIG and TIG welding operations. It has an output of 0-50 scfh and features a shatter-resistant polycarbonate flow tube.

Designed for attachment to welding gas cylinders or manifold systems, the regulator provides measurement of inlet pressure and shielding gas flow.

The flow tube has measuring scales for argon/C02, helium, or argon and utilizes a high-visibility red flow ball. The precision adjustment flow control valve helps assure gas savings because it locks flow at desired settings, the company points out.

Maintenance is reduced with the patent-pending O-ring valve, which eliminates gas leakage. The rubber O-ring is used around the threads of the flowmeter instead of soft packing material, which tends to wear out.

Source: Smith Equipment Co., 2601 Lockheed Ave., Watertown, SD 57201-5636.

Free precision instrument catalog

Yours free for the asking is the new Short Form PDF Catalog, which discusses precision instruments and integrated measurement systems for oil and gas field operations, custody transfer, bulk fuel storage and inventory, chemical process, and cryogenics uses. Advances in design, electronics, and software application have helped improve these versatile electromechanical instrumentation and next-generation systems for distributed information and measurement, tank gauging, wireless communication, and single and multistream EFM/RTUs.

Improvements in product performance, operating life, reliability, application range, and overall quality are detailed. Integrated systems include the supply chain automation network (SCAN) distributed inventory management products. Comprised of field instrumentation, telemetry and a PC-based host software package, SCAN is a wireless, fully integrated family of products for remote measurement requirements. Other systems include the firm's scalable tank inventory management solution for liquid control, custody transfer, tank farm application, and inventory reconciliation.

Instrumentation products range from DPUs, chart recorders, mechanical indicators and switches, pneumatic transmitters/controllers and sealed sensor systems to turbine and Floco/Flotrac meters, ultrasonic level measurement devices, flow computers, totalizers, and batch controllers, many of which are CE Mark and CSA NRTL (UL) certified.

Source: Barton Instrument Systems LLC, 900 S. Turnbull Canyon Rd., City of Industry, CA 91745.