Dec. 18, 2000
Free catalog features pressure, temperature items Free Product Catalog 500 features a line of pressure and temperature instrumentation.

Free catalog features pressure, temperature items Free Product Catalog 500 features a line of pressure and temperature instrumentation. Its 360 pages contains diagrams and tables identifying pressure gauges, switches, chemical seals, transducers, transmitters, and thermo-meters. Information to assist selection of instrumentation is provided for each product.

Source: WIKA Instrument Corp., 1000 Wiegand Blvd., Lawrenceville, GA 30043.

Pressure sensor/switch for valves, relays, pumps

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The Type 8311 pressure sensor/switch is designed especially to switch a valve, relay, or pump and establish a simple on/off control loop. The sensor may be used to energize a relay or provide transistor output (NPN or PNP) upon any pressure set point.

Accuracy of plus or minus 1% of full scale with 0.25% repeatability, the switch measures line pressure ranges up to 720 psig. It features a programmable set point that can be set locally with the three pushbuttons on the display, or externally from a PLC/computer over a 4-20 ma loop.

The instrument is suited for control of air or fluid pressures in tanks, monitoring flow pressures in water treatment systems, or control of tank level via hydrostatic head. Its plastic sensor/switch body has process connections of 1/2-in. NPT fittings. The inline technique provides for easy maintenance and change-out of the sensor without disrupting process flow. Wetted surfaces can be stainless steel, PFM, or EPDM. The 8311 promises 100 million switching cycles minimum, the company says.

Source: Burkert-USA, 2602 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92614.

New steam trap monitoring system

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A new steam trap monitoring system uses radio waves to transmit data.

SteamEye gathers instantaneous performance information from up to 2,000 steam traps simultaneously.

The new trap monitoring system consists of a transmitter that is threaded into the base of an inverted bucket or float and thermostatic steam trap, a repeater (if necessary), a receiver, and a personal computer. Transmitted monitoring data are channeled through the receiver into your personal computer on which the SteamEye software has been installed. If the transmitter is out of range of the receiver, one or more repeaters relay the signal back to the receiver.

This system senses conditions inside the trap (OK, blow-through, or cold) and transmits the information to your computer. Steam traps that have failed are quickly identified by location.

The new system provides an immediate alert when condensate is backing up. With the addition of optional equipment and software, the system can be programmed to rank plant and process equipment as critical or noncritical so steam trap repairs can be prioritized.

Source: Armstrong International Inc., 816 Maple St., Three Rivers, MI 49093.

Portable welding machine

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The Workhorse Stickweld 300S, a portable inverter type welding machine, offers a rated welding current of 10-300 amp @ 60% duty cycle with maximum current of 400 amp @30% duty cycle. The Workhorse also performs TIG welding with a touch-start function.

The unit is designed for 50 hz or 60 hz operation and input voltage of 240 v, single phase or three-phase, and 480 v three-phase.

With its constant (arc) power (CP) feature, the operator is not required to hold the tip of the electrode at all times with a controlled arc length away from the base metal being welded to produce constant penetration. The CP feature compensates for an unsteady hand.

Source: Arcon Welding LLC, Suite 10, 2203 Northwood Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801.

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