Nov. 13, 2000
A new series of explosionproof valves is designed for use in hazardous areas and wherever fast, reliable, positive shutoff is required.

New explosionproof valves

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A new series of explosionproof valves is designed for use in hazardous areas and wherever fast, reliable, positive shutoff is required.

Available as direct acting solenoid, or externally controlled (air or hydraulically piloted), these valves are approved for use in hazardous locations by North American and European agencies.

Depending on size, these valves operate from vacuum to 500 bar.

Direct acting styles are available in two/two way shutoff and three/two way diverter versions, with nominal orifice sizes of 2-50 mm. Externally controlled valves are available in two/two and three/two way versions, with nominal orifice sizes of 10-250 mm.

Source: Springer Co-Ax Inc., Box 7204, Penndel, PA 19047-7204.

Hydraulic, mobile floor crane has adjustable forks

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This firm's reversible boom crane is now available with new, adjustable lifting forks.

The fork width is laterally adjustable to fit the pallet or container being lifted. Additionally, forks have hydraulic pitch-axis adjustment to keep the forks (and load) horizontal at any height.

The design allows for reaching in over and beyond. Operations like reaching into a trailer and removing a double-stacked skid buried behind 8 ft of materials are now a quick, one-step operation, the company says. Additionally, flat bed trucks can now be loaded from the side.

The unit is a self-propelled, walkie-type, ergonomically correct piece of equipment. It offers 90° steering left and right and practically turns on a dime, the firm notes. Lifting height is up to 12 ft high, and the narrow track wheelbase allows the unit to pass through narrow doorways and aisles. Travel speed is infinitely variable at 0-4 mph and has precise acceleration and deceleration control for smooth positioning. Drive is electromechanical, and battery-powered. The vertical lift and telescopic boom are hydraulically driven. All of the controls are push-button operated from a central control panel.

The unit is installed on roller bearing wheels for smooth travel, and the wheels are polyurethane for durability and floor surface protection.

The crane is constructed of heavy duty welded structural steel for durability for heavy industrial use. Capacity ratings are 1,000-20,000 lb.

Source: Air Technical Industries, 7501 Clover Ave., Mentor, OH 44060.

Single-wire network architecture

VistaNET, a single-wire process analyzer network architecture, enables seamless connectivity to existing Ethernet-based systems and higher level processes such as DCS, DAQ, and PLC.

With this system, all process analytical equipment can share the same network for data exchange with control systems, plant engineers, maintenance engineers, and other data users in a distributed network architecture.

The new architecture provides all users with a common platform for data collection, presentation, and analysis. It uses existing plant LAN/WAN cabling, twisted pair, or fiber optic.

Source: ABB Automation Inc., Analytical Div., Box 831, Lewisburg, WV 24901.

New chromatograph

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The new Danalyzer Pro chromatograph performs gas quality measurements in natural gas and light hydrocarbons. Using a new integrated multivalve system (MVS), the instrument offers additional pipeline gas quality measurements for natural gas operations. The previous Danalyzer model was used mainly for energy (C6+) and relative density measurements. In addition to these standard measurements, the Danalyzer Pro offers additional gas quality measurements-such as H2S (0-30 ppm) or BTU/CV measurement to C9+ with hydrocarbon dew point calculations-from a single gas chromatograph.

The MVS integrates multiple valves, micropacked columns, and detectors into a single machined 316 SS block. "Parallel chromatography"-basically two GCs in one-allows the Danalyzer Pro to make multiple measurements previously requiring more than one analyzer. Repeatability is

With a choice of conventional wall mount or flame-proof enclosures, the instrument requires minimum utility gases and no purge air. It is weatherproof and can be installed into Division 1/Zone 1 & 2 classified electrical areas. This allows the user the flexibility of pipe mounting the GC near the sample point-minimizing sample transport time and reducing shelter and sample handling expenses.

Source: Daniel Gas Chromatograph, Box 19097, Houston TX 77224.