March 20, 2000
J.D. Fields & Co., Inc., Houston, Tex., has named Yuki Matsunaga vice president of international to assist with further broadening the company's business to international markets.
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J.D. Fields & Co., Inc., Houston, Tex., has named Yuki Matsunaga vice president of international to assist with further broadening the company's business to international markets.

Matsunaga has been in the international trading business for 26 years since first starting his career with Japanese Itochu Corp. in 1973.

J.D. Fields & Co., Inc. is a supplier of steel piping products, H-Bearing piling, steel sheet piling as well as other related steel products.

Groupe Genoyer, Marseilles, France, has named Hugues Robert president & CEO of the Groupe Genoyer and chairman of the executive board, including the companies ac quired in 1999, Custom Alloy (United States), Wilhelm Geldbach (Germany), and Tecno forge (Italy), the later to be integrated formally during the second half of 2000.

Robert was previously director within the Carlyle Group, where he was in charge of the Energy and Technical Distribution sectors, at a worldwide level, since 1997. Before that, he was head of strategy and development at Artal Europe during 4 years, and consultant in strategy and organization at the Boston Consulting Group during 4 years, where he dedicated himself notably to the oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and retail (both technical and consumer) industries. He was also in 1989 the founder of the Hors Ligne company.

Olivier Delrieu, CEO of the projects division, was named executive vice presi dent in charge of all projects & trading activities and member of the executive board.

Delrieu was senior manager within Andersen Consulting, where he specialized in strategy & organization consulting for the capital goods, building materials and oilfield equipment industries since 1997. Before that, he conducted large building projects in France, Nigeria and China within the Bouygues Group during five years.

Alain Tricolet, CEO of the industrial division, was named executive vice president in charge of all industrial companies and member of the executive board.

Tricolet has been the head of the industrial division in Groupe Genoyer for one year. Before that, he created and managed several businesses specializing in trading of flanges & fittings, in cooperation with the Galperti and then Tecnoforge groups, during 7 years. He was also CEO of MGI, the main flange manutacturing company within Groupe Genoyer between 1985 and 1992, and Central America export manager for the Usinor group between 1981 and 1985. He began his career as an export manager for Groupe Genoyer (Phoc

JeanAntoine Montagne, CFO of Groupe Genoyer and member of the executive board for 12 years, was named executive vice president.

Montagne has been CFO of Groupe Genoyer for 12 years. Previously, he held various management positions within the Al can Aluminium Group in Canada and in France, including notably treasurer and fi nancial director (France).

Groupe Genoyer is a manufacturer of steel flanges and fittings for the process industries, particularly for the oil, gas and Ahemical indus tries. In addition, Groupe Genoyer is one of the few global operators in supplying turnkey "piping" procurement to engineerings and contractors for international projects.

CRC-Evans Canada Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has named Fred Lysak vice president and general manager.

Lysak has more than 25 years experience in the pipeline industry. Before joining CRC-Evans Canada, Lysak was a project manager for an international construction materials company. Lysak gained extensive experience in the concrete weighting business while a partner with Bolder Concrete, one of western Canada's leading companies specializing in pipeline buoyancy control.

CRC-Evans Canada, Inc. is a division of CRC-Evans Pipeline International.

CRC-Evans Pipeline International is a supplier of equipment and services to the pipeline industry. The company manufactures pipeline construction equipment, provides automatic welding systems, and offers concrete weighting, field-joint coating and heat-treatment services. In addition, the company manufactures laybarge, pipeline rehabilitation, and coating plant systems. CRC-Evans is an LG&E company with corporate offices located in Houston, Tex., and its manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Okla.

LG&E Energy is a diversified energy services company with headquarters in Louisville, Ky.

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FMC Corp. has named Peter D. Kinnear as a corporate vice president.

Kinnear was named to his current position as general manager of FMC's Houston, Texas-based Petroleum Equipment and Systems Div. in 1994. He joined the company at its Chicago headquarters as a business planner in 1971. Kinnear subsequently held a number of management positions in marketing and operations at the company's Wellhead Equipment and Fluid Control divisions.

He became general manager of Fluid Control in 1985, and served as manager of Wellhead Equipment's western region from 1986 until 1988, when he became subsea manager for the division. In 1990, Kinnear assumed management responsibility for the western region and subsea operations of Wellhead Equipment. He was named general manager of the division in April 1992.

FMC Corp. is a producer of chemicals and machinery for industry and agriculture. The company divides its businesses into five major segments: Energy Systems, Food and Transportation Systems, Agricultural Products, Specialty Chemicals, and Industrial Chemicals.