Oct. 9, 2000
This special analysis of the Reed-Hycalog rig census against the backdrop of current oil and gas markets was provided by Dean E. Gaddy, Senior Editor-Drilling & Special Projects.

Visualization performance tool aids seismic analysis

A new package of high performance graphics for oil and gas operations includes software and specialized volume-rendering hardware on a high-performance IBM IntelliStation PC, integrated with the latest visualization capabilities, to deliver an integrated platform for advanced geoscience analysis and interpretation. In essence, it presents a work station tool to geoscientists used for interpreting large-scale, 3D seismic data sets at a faster, real-time rate to target seismic applications.

This new solution offers a graphics package for visualizing large seismic volumes along with geophysical, geological, and petrophysical data and interpretation. Seismic reflection cubes of earth are displayed as 3D interactive computer images that are manipulated and analyzed to develop a realistic model of the earth's geology.

When seismic reflection cubes are displayed over an oil and gas reservoir, the trajectories of boreholes are also drawn three dimensionally. In this way, the orientation, size, and characteristics of a reservoir are revealed in relation to current hydrocarbon production and regional geology

Any seismic volume may be quickly scanned with slice animations, chair-cut and oblique-cut displays. Its full opacity and color controls help simplify the analysis of subtle anomalies.

Source: Real Time Visualization Div., Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc., 300 Baker Ave., Suite 301, Concord, MA 01742.

New firm provides oil industry data via internet

eLynx Technologies LLC is a new company that provides real time data collection, production reporting, trending, monitoring, and control-via the internet-for the industry.

Currently, the eLynx system monitors data on more than 500 wells and provides monitoring and control on compressor stations, dehydration facilities, and liquid handling and measurement sites for volumes of more than 250 MMcfd of natural gas and 500 b/d of oil. Additionally, eLynx provides full monitoring and control for its parent company's 75 MMcfd cryogenic processing plant.

eLynx provides a direct, secure link between customers' wells and their computers. The system monitors a range of field devices, polling operating parameters such as volumes, pressures, temperatures, and other digital and analog inputs and outputs. The real time data are transmitted by spread spectrum radio, cellular digital packaging device, virtual private network, or satellite to a central data processing center and are accessible 24 hr/day over the internet

Source: eLynx Technologies LLC, c/o American Central Gas Technologies Inc., 6655 S. Lewis, Suite 300, Tulsa, OK 74136.

New thread compounds

New 2010 NM Ultra and 3010 Ultra are thread compounds for drilling operations.

Both Ultra products have been formulated with enhanced low temperature application-adherence properties that can be used in cold, wet conditions such as the North Sea, as well as in normal or hot conditions.

Source: Bestolife, 2777 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 1800, Dallas, TX 75207.

Real time, wireless video monitor for offshore use

Offshore platforms and other remote facilities can be monitored with streaming video using wireless technology.

WellSight transmits real time video, audio, and data signals from remote locations onto the internet for viewing virtually anywhere in the world, at any time.

WellSight can be used to monitor virtually any location, including platforms, drilling rigs, supply or workboats, seismic vessels, shore facilities, land sites, and pipelines.

The system views equipment, gauges, operations, and weather conditions either from shore or other platform locations. Images can be captured for archiving or for proof of compliance.

The system uses NEMA 4X-enclosed video cameras mounted at strategic locations on the facility to provide users with high-resolution images.

An operator can tilt, pan, or zoom from his remote computer to get the view he wants. SCADA or other data information can be interfaced with the wireless transmission of the video.

Audio, for alarms or signals, is available and wireless telephone communication with the facility can be included. With its proprietary software, users are automatically notified of potential problems or exceptions.

Source: Industrial Eyes Inc., 3000 Weslayan St., Suite 210, Houston, TX 77027.

New oxygen deficiency detector

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Designed to monitor and detect oxygen depletion continuously in tightly confined spaces, the new TS420 oxygen deficiency detector features an electrochemical cell sensing element, a two-wire loop-powered design, and adjustment-free calibration. It promises reliable protection in potentially reduced oxygen environments.

The TS420 is suited for uses in refineries, pipelines, and storage tanks.

The detector measures 1.75 by 4.5 in., weighs 8 oz, and detects oxygen deficiency in a range of 0-25 vol %. Its two-wire, loop-powered 4-20 ma analog output signal provides remote alarm and fault indication, as well as eliminates the need for an output loop supply. Its liquid crystal display shows status, fault, and calibration cues for added safety.

Source: General Monitors, 26776 Simpatica Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630-8128.