Jan. 31, 2011
New Pipe Inspection Tool

Here's the new patent pending spiral magnetic flux leakage (SMFL) inspection tool, the latest addition to a range of magnetic flux leakage inspection tools.

The tool makes it possible to detect long, narrow defects in a pipe body and in long seam welds. Transverse field inspection (TFI) tools are designed to detect general corrosion, as well as long and narrow metal loss features.

The high resolution tool offers a number of features. For example, while TFI technology relies upon two magnetizers, the SMFL tool requires only one. As a result, the SMFL tool can be paired with MFL technology without having to extend the length of the tool to accommodate it. The ability to pair tools means that multiple data sets are generated in a single run. The maker uses these data sets by overlaying them, which helps enhance characterization of anomalies that are revealed during an inspection run. For example, recently the performed separate runs with each system in a 16-in. pipe with a 0.250 in. WT. While the axial MFL tool did not detect an external axial gouge, data generated by the SMFL tool revealed an external gouge measuring 6 in. long by 0.25-in. wide by 40% deep.

With a sampling frequency of up to 750/sec, the SMFL tool has an operating pressure range of 300-2,000 psi (21-137.8 bar) and an in-line temperature range of 14-131° F. (–10° to +55° C.). It has a minimum bend radius of 1.5D and can travel at up to 8.3 fps.

Source: T.D. Williamson Inc., 5727 S. Lewis, Suite 300, Tulsa, OK 74105-7144.

Alarm management Software Expanded

The TopView software suite has been expanded via release of TopView SQL, which allows users to query almost any relational database as a source of "monitored data" for TopView. It's designed to expand the ability of companies to monitor not just their process and automation data, but also new data stores such as inventory and shipping systems, web sites, and financial databases.

TopView SQL allows users to easily monitor, alarm, and send notification (e-mail, SMS, TAP, Text-to-speech, Voice) for data within database query results performed against databases , spreadsheets, and files. This approach leverages TopView's features to work with data in SQLServer, Oracle, Access, PIOLEDB, and others.

Source: Exele Information Systems Inc., 445 W. Commercial St., East Rochester, NY 14445.

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