Oct. 31, 2011

Thermal pod aids offshore crew transfer

The Arctic thermal pod has been developed as a safety accessory for use with the FROG capsule personnel transfer system.

The safety device is designed to combat potential exposure to wind chill while performing crane transfers at low temperatures offshore.

During a detailed risk assessment of crane transfer activities, an operator in the Arctic recognized that, in the unlikely event of a crane stoppage midtransfer, passengers could be exposed to low temperatures and wind chill effects—for as long as 20 min—while waiting for repair or performing a manual crane line descent.

The arctic thermal pod is stored within the FROG 6 (OGJ, Nov. 12, 2007, p. 72) and deployed in the event of an interruption midtransfer.

The pod is made from heat-retaining Kevlar and flame-retardant PVC to provide a clear view. It is stored behind the seat assembly of the FROG 6 and is activated by pulling a lanyard and tucking the cover under the feet and sides. It has been designed for two men but can be used if only one is seated. In addition the pods are designed to be easily jettisoned if required.

Source: Reflex Marine Ltd., 12-16 Albyn Pl., Aberdeen AB10 1PS, UK.

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