Dec. 19, 2011

New production operations software

The new Avocet 2012 production operations software platform combines a complete and up-to-date picture of operations with engineering analysis capabilities to pinpoint the reasons for production shortfalls, enabling producing assets to help hit production targets consistently.

It combines well operations and production data management systems—from capturing and validating field data, to production and equipment surveillance, and tracking of specialized oil field operations. The platform supports production computations, visualization of production networks, and reporting of current and historical information. Additional capabilities include component allocations, determination of artificial lift efficiency, workover performance tracking, and a tracking system to avoid costly well integrity problems and record well completion operations to meet regulatory requirements.

Operators and engineers can assign classifications to better understand the reasons for production shortfalls. Avocet 2012 connects directly to petroleum engineering software simulations like this firm's PIPESIM production analysis models and analytical applications such as OFM well and reservoir analysis to provide insight into the root causes of shortfalls. For example, flow assurance problems are easily identified using model-based surveillance in a streamlined work flow. By uniting data with models in a single environment, problems can be identified more quickly, downtime can be minimized, and production optimized, the company says.

Built on a modern Microsoft Corp. foundation, the Avocet platform is open and extensible. Tailored calculations can be quickly added to meet unique requirements. New equipment and associated data types can be added as operations change through time. The Avocet platform integrates with complementary tools to build and automate work flows and to provide advanced analyses. This extensibility supports the implementation of digital oil field projects.

Avocet 2012 has been developed using global industry standards to support audits, security, and regulatory compliance.

Source: Schlumberger Ltd., 5599 San Felipe, 17th Floor, Houston, TX 77056.

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