Aug. 16, 2010

New 4 oz boron nitride aerosol spray can

Here's the new, easy-to-use 4 oz boron nitride aerosol Lubricoat spray can designed for researchers, engineers, scientists, designers, chemists, and maintenance personnel.

The container allows investigators and research and development groups to test the attributes of a boron nitride coating that is usable on all substrates and in most all environments from cryogenic temperatures up to 1,000o C. in air, 1,400o C. in vacuum, and more than 1,800o C. in inert/nitrogen atmospheres. Boron nitride (BN) is chemically inert, being nonreactive and nonwetting with most molten metals, glasses, and slags—providing nonstick, release, and barrier-layers to reactive materials. Also, the thin BN is a dry-film lubricant for reducing friction and preventing adherence/reaction/galling while being electrically insulating to more than 1,800o C. and providing good thermal conductivity like stainless steel.

The firm notes that BN is suited for forming a "barrier layer" between dissimilar materials. Another feature is its ability to prevent sticking of weld spatter and braze flows.

Source: ZYP Coatings Inc., 120 Valley Court, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

New fluid additive systems for frac stimulation

The new OpenFRAC family of hydraulic fracturing fluid additive systems can be used for fracturing-stimulation treatments, including applications in challenging, low-permeability formations such as shale and tight gas sands.

Three variants are available, and all are water-based, viscosified fluids: OpenFRAC SW formulation is used for slick water fracturing, where drag reduction and less complex fluid systems are desired; OpenFRAC WF is the linear gel variant, offering improved proppant transport characteristics; and for cross-linking, OpenFRAC XL offers the features of the other two fluids, while creating wider fractures to enable high proppant concentrations and generate high fracture conductivity.

Source: Schlumberger Ltd., 5599 San Felipe, Suite 100, 17th Floor, Houston, TX 77056.

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