July 5, 2010

New plunger helps increase well production

This new liquid aeration plunger is capable of aerating and lightening the liquid load above it as it rises.

The plunger is suited for wells that recover quickly and have high accumulations of heavy liquids. By reducing shut-in times, it is helping to improve well production by at least 1 cycle/day, the firm notes.

It removes heavy liquids more efficiently and at higher velocity than conventional plungers and reduces fall times by as much as 70%, the company says.

The tool looks like a single-pad plunger, but its HV Lift technology allows liquids and gas to pass through the plunger. Its design creates a strong seal with minimum friction for faster fall times and improved lifting capabilities, the company points out.

As the plunger travels upward, gas is transferred up through the plunger, causing a turbulent aeration (or bubbling effect) in the liquid slug above it. This allows it to lift and remove the liquid quickly and easily.

Source: Production Control Services Inc., 3771 Eureka Way, Frederick, CO 80516.

New system creates precision gas mixtures

Here's the new FlexStream modular gas standards generating system that offers total flexibility for creating precision gas mixtures.

It dilutes the emission from permeation or diffusion tubes with an inert gas, typically nitrogen or zero air, to create trace concentration—ppm, ppb, and pptr—mixtures. An internal microprocessor sets the operating mode and adjusts dilution flows to achieve desired concentrations.

The system expands the capabilities of the microprocessor-controlled, stand-alone FlexStream permeation tube unit. The new system features as many as six independently controlled channels. These channels can be permeation units or may combine permeation units with secondary dilution to expand the concentration range. Mixtures containing up to 48 components are possible. FlexStream can use all of this firm's Trace Source permeation and diffusion tubes.

Source: KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc., 504 Laurel, La Marque, TX 77568.

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