Aug. 30, 2010

updated content management software suite

Newly released Meridian Enterprise 2010 is an updated engineering content management software suite that provides enhanced, powerful asset information management functionality, integration with Microsoft Corp. SharePoint, and support for latest CAD software versions

The suite aims to help optimize business processes in which engineering data are crucial, with focus on the entire management of change process, collaboration with contractors and suppliers, and providing as-built technical documentation to operations and maintenance.

The latest release supports authoring applications such as Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, MicroStation, and SolidWorks. Other features are:

• Explorer scopes, where the user has a specific scope to the vault content and only specific data and menu options applicable for that scope are available, depending on the access rights of the user. Scopes can be created for the archive, project environment or master data.

• Search related to Explorer scopes, supporting lookup lists and filtering.

• Support for AutoVue 20, including support of hot spots (hyperlinks with additional functionality).

• New read-only web client.

• Enhanced reporting functionality.

Source: BlueCielo ECM Solutions, Handelskade 49, 2288 BA Rijswijk, Netherlands.

New slick lines brochure

A new slick lines brochure encompasses product information and gives an overview of the range of lines available along with technical information and data, including product innovations such as the recent introduction of bright surface slick lines.

Slick lines combine high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength with uniform tensile properties.

Demands on equipment increase as underwater exploration sees an increase in deepwater projects in more remote locations. This firm's ability to produce alloyed stainless steel wire with the capabilities of withstanding severely corrosive environments along with high pressures and temperatures facilitates such exploration, the brochure notes.

Detailed are the new bright finish slick lines that offer greater life expectancy than traditional matt finish lines, with tests showing that the product provides better fatigue resistance by more than 15%. This results in fewer lines having to be replaced, offering operational cost savings, the brochure points out.

For copies of the brochure visit the web site or contact the firm at the address below.

Source: Sandvik Materials Technology, SE-811 81 Sandviken, Sweden.

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