Nov. 29, 2010
New Pipeline Leak Inspection Tool

This new 48-in. gas magnetic flux leakage inspection tool is designed to identify pipeline corrosion features and pipe wall loss. The company also offers hot tapping and plugging services to assist with the repair of identified anomalies.

Each of the tool's magnetizers "floats" individually so that magnetic forces are consistent whether in a thick or thin wall, or a tight bend. By reducing tool drag, floating magnetizers enable more consistent velocities. Traditional coarse steel brushes are replaced in the tool with smooth, flat wear skid plates that glide more easily. The tool's design allows for as much as 25% bore reduction.

Source: T.D. Williamson Inc., 5727 S. Lewis, Suite 300, Tulsa, OK 74105.

New Reservoir Test System; Reserves Software

Two new oil field programs are available to the industry: 1) the Quartet high-performance downhole reservoir testing system and 2) Merak Peep 2010 software, the cornerstone of the Merak suite of economics, planning, and reserves management software.

Quartet allows operators to isolate, control, measure, and sample all in a single run. Its downhole assembly is one-fourth the length of conventional configurations, the company says. The system offers a range of advantages, including 35% lower tool operating pressure, 90% less nitrogen, 50% fewer seals, and 60% fewer connections. In addition, drill collars and slips joints are eliminated from the downhole string.

The Quartet system consists of four technologies engineered specifically for reservoir testing: CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system, IRDV intelligent remote dual valve, CQG crystal quartz gauge, and SCAR in-line independent reservoir fluid sampling.

Merak Peep. The 2010 release of Merak Peep delivers a complete refresh of the application allowing clients to proactively respond to complex operational conditions and rapidly answer business challenges.

Supported by 165 transparent fiscal models, this release provides new power to calculate project economics anywhere in the world while providing consistent evaluation capabilities at the corporate level, the firm notes.

Source: Schlumberger Ltd., 5599 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77056.

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