June 14, 2010

New sucker rod circumferential displacement cards

These new circumferential displacement cards are available for sucker rod makeup.

The company says an engineering study was conducted to determine the achievable load carrying capabilities of sucker rods using the current displacement values. The company says it found that existing displacement values and the corresponding displacement cards, at best, achieved load carrying results that were 9% less than design strength ratings for new runs and 18% less than design strength ratings for used rods.

The firm says its new displacement cards optimize the load carrying capability of installed rod strings by 15%. The new cards are available for each grade to help ensure optimized performance, more nearly achieving the results predicted by the chosen design program, the maker points out.

Source: UPCO Inc., Box 725, Claremore, OK 74018.

New explosionproof LED light

A new Class 1 Division 1 LED portable light is designed for cleaning tanks and vessels.

The company's has added an explosionproof LED light that produces more light with less heat and lower current draw than its standard incandescent explosionproof light with 300 w bulb.

The EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 light comes with a handle, pedestal mount, 100 ft cord, and explosionproof plug. The light is suited for use while cleaning tanks and vessels in hazardous location areas. The main difference between the LED model and standard incandescent model is the 30 w Par 38 LED light bulb that delivers 5,400 lumens and draws a tenth of the electric power of the 300 w incandescent version. Benefits of the explosionproof LED version includes less heat; brighter, whiter light; and 50,000 hr bulb life. The EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 is available for 120 v and 220 v. It is available with an in-line transformer for 12 and 24 v applications.

By comparison, the 300 w incandescent version of this pedestal mount light has an operating temperature of 190° F. while the LED version of this same fixture operates at 55° F.

The firm says that in head to head comparisons, the LED explosionproof light delivers more illumination over more area, without the distinct yellow tint common to the par incandescent bulb. It adds that the solid state bulb won't break when the light is knocked over.

Source: Larson Electronics, 9419 E. US Highway 175, Kemp, TX 75143.

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