Automated Reconciliation for Reserves Workflows

Jun 26th, 2019

E&P organizations have an enormous amount of data to manage for reserves reconciliation. With increased regulatory pressures on reporting and auditing, and greater scrutiny on data accuracy, Quorum has a better way to increase efficiency and automate this intensive and laborious process.

Learn how a reserves software platform can deliver automated functionality to capture, validate, match, and reconcile data in a single database, significantly reducing the time and expense associated with data gathering, entry, and manipulation.

With MOSAIC by Quorum Software, companies see immediate value through:

• Volumes, value, and other bases of performance completed in hours, rather than weeks;

• Reduced manual intervention - multiple sortable change types, and zero custom scripts;

• Clear, precise configuration and data quality assurance in a single platform; and,

• Enhanced compliance with accurate change records and audit trails.

This white paper is sponsored by Quorum Software.

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