Dec. 17, 2007

New software for well planning, drilling

Newly released Sysdrill Version 3.0 is an evolved product suite of well planning and drilling software solutions that combines new modules with existing functionality in a single unified application.

Version 3.0 focuses on four areas of improvement to existing industry software: functionality, efficiency, accessibility, and interoperability. The software features enhancements to existing Sysdrill technology, including the following advanced components:

  • Automatic well planning.
  • Advanced target definition.
  • Casing wear prediction.
  • Dual gradient modeling.
  • Temperature modeling.
  • Well control kill sheet.
  • Volume calculator.
  • Packer calculation.
  • DEX/WITSML interoperability.

Source: Paradigm Geophysical Corp., Two Memorial Plaza, 820 Gessner, Str. 400, Houston, TX 77024.

System keeps track of oil field equipment

New intelligent field resource management (IFRM), a radio-frequency identification-driven solution for oil-field equipment, answers these questions for those in oil and gas field operations and maintenance (O&M): What do I have? When did I get it? Where is it?

Previously, those in O&M relied on bar codes or other inventory control methods for their heavy industrial material, consumables, and equipment, the company points out.

The system will tell field engineers such things as exactly where a piece of equipment is, what kind of shape it’s in, whether it’s even functioning at any precise moment, and if it needs to go back for a rebuild. All the information related to the tagged equipment is tied to this firm’s Navigator process management services and stored securely online where it is available for collaborative initiatives. This means you can not only find the particular piece of machinery you’re looking for, but at the same time you can get the manual on it, the service record on it—anything about the item you want to know.

Source: Wescorp Energy Inc., 8711 50th Ave., Edmonton, Alta. T6E 5H4.

New work-flow management tool for E&P firms

New AssetConnect open software platform allows exploration and production companies to plug multiple applications into a single user interface and then run automated production work flows.

The company developed the software in partnership with Engineous Software Inc., a Cary, NC-based company that develops software designed to integrate work flows in a unified environment, while also automating them. The resulting product allows production engineers and asset managers to design or operate fields and wells using end-to-end models of the entire producing system.

Source: Landmark Div., Halliburton, 2101 CityWest Blvd., Bldg. 2, Houston, TX 77042-3021.