Valeura Energy discovers hydrocarbons offshore Thailand

April 15, 2024
Valeura Energy Inc. made three oil discoveries in the Gulf of Thailand.

Valeura Energy Inc. has discovered oil discoveries on Nong Yao D, Niramai, and Wassana North, all offshore Thailand.

The Nong Yao-13 well in the G11/48 concession was drilled to 5,399 ft MD (3,342 ft true TVD) and discovered just over 30 ft of new oil pay across several intervals. The discovery confirms that oil has migrated into this area of the block, a factor that was seen to be a risk in the Nong Yao D area, the comany said in a release Apr. 15. Intervals comprising the discovery are relatively shallow new zones which have not been produced elsewhere on the concession.

These reservoirs are believed to be recurring across the Nong Yao D area. Further seismic data analysis will seek potential locations for follow-up exploration and appraisal drilling in the area. 

Two wells were drilled in Niramai and Wassana North in the G10/48 concession in this northern area of the block. The Niramai-4 well was an exploration-appraisal well about 1 km northeast of the Niramai-1 oil discovery, which was originally drilled in 2009. The well was drilled to 7,312 ft MD (5,581 ft TVD) and discovered over 90 ft of new oil pay across two key reservoirs.

Following evaluation, Niramai-4 was sidetracked with the high-angle well Niramai-4 ST1 to test the Wassana North prospect, a separate fault block immediately north of Wassana field. The well was drilled to 12,388 ft MD (5,782 ft TVD) and discovered about 40 ft of new oil pay. The deepest oil-bearing zone is of particular interest in that the wellbore intersected the reservoir significantly downdip of the crest, and oil is interpreted to be present to the base of the reservoir, with no oil-water contact identified in the well, inducating further potential, the company said. 

Reservoir properties and volumetric estimates are still being calculated. When combined with pre-existing Niramai volumes, total recoverable volumes are believed to exceed management's requirements to support an additional future development on the G10/48 block. Such an expansion is beyond the scope of the Wassana field re-development project currently being evaluated but has the potential to extend production and the life of the concession beyond its current economic limit in 2032.

Valeura is operator at the G11/48 concession (90% ) with partner Palang Sophon Ltd. (10%). Valeura is operator and has 100% interest in the G10/48 concession.