A message from Oil & Gas Journal

May 1, 2013
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Unconventional Oil & Gas Report, a publication of local news from many places.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Unconventional Oil & Gas Report, a publication of local news from many places.

UOGR comes to you from Oil & Gas Journal, which has been covering news for oil and gas professionals since its beginning as The Oil Investor's Journal in 1902.

The new publication builds on that tradition and pursues the same high standards of integrity and professional value. In fact, it complements Oil & Gas Journal's active coverage of the development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

UOGR does that by employing a unique approach to news. It covers stories locally and in depth, play by play. It aims to be an ensemble of locally focused reports covering drilling developments, technical breakthroughs, politics, logistics, personnel moves, and more—organized by play.

The approach grows out of Oil & Gas Journal's recognition of the importance of local news not only to readers in the area covered but also to readers in the same business elsewhere. The basic story of the unconventional oil and gas boom, after all, is how innovation migrates and adapts to new locales.

UOGR thus covers local news related to unconventional oil and gas across North America. For its purposes, unconventional resources are those whose development requires extraordinary inputs of technology and energy to overcome hydrocarbon immobility related to rock properties rather than oil viscosity. This definition excludes oil sands and heavy oil but encompasses nearly everything else—such as shales, other low-permeability formations, coalbed methane, and redevelopment of more-conventional reservoirs with technologies evolving out of unconventional plays.

That's more than enough to fill UOGR with operational, business, and political intelligence and to keep its editor, Tayvis Dunnahoe, busy. He receives plenty of help from his colleagues at Oil & Gas Journal, which continues to cover the news and technology of unconventional resource development in its traditionally broader, less localized way.

Together, UOGR and Oil & Gas Journal provide the most thorough and professionally tailored coverage of unconventional oil and gas available anywhere.

And as news publications, we're ever-alert for the next story.

We look forward to hearing from you.