Dec. 6, 2010
New diagnostic modules

Advanced diagnostic modules (ADM)—the newest version of this firm's advanced diagnostic module DTM software—monitors the quality of fieldbus communication for FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks.

The company's diagnostic manager software includes a number of updates that helps speed fieldbus commissioning and take guesswork out of troubleshooting for ADM users. This smart software tool translates information provided by the ADM into actionable information and can run on a server located directly in the control room, turning the complete fieldbus infrastructure into an open book that can be read even without expert knowledge, the firm points out.

A notable improvement to the new diagnostic manager is a built-in expert system that automatically learns the communications behavior of a segment during commissioning, and over time and is able to intelligently diagnose any situation on the basis of experience, the company says. As a result, users are provided with specific warnings as soon as the software detects any condition that might lead to a critical situation. Such warnings are complemented by incident-related information in clear text that points to possible causes and recommends remedies.

Equipped with this information field technicians usually know what needs to be done before they arrive on site, and are no longer faced with the sometimes time-consuming task of searching for the cause of a problem. Time spent on troubleshooting is minimized, plant shutdowns can largely be avoided, and the availability of the complete system is improved, the firm says.

Other updates include:

• Automated tag reading—the ADM is able to read and document tags and device IDs in combination with any FOUNDTION fieldbus host.

• Improved oscilloscope—it offers more trigger events and automatically captures as many as 10 shots in a row; each bit and telegram is identified with type and value, as well as source and destination address.

Source: Pepperl+Fuchs Inc., 1600 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087.

New aquifer analysis software

Newly released AquiferTest Pro v.2010 pumping test and slug test data analysis software is designed to provide more reliable curve fitting techniques and an expanded set of well and aquifer testing solutions that will help improve the way hydrogeologists, environmental consultants, and government agencies estimate hydraulic properties of aquifer systems.

Source: Schlumberger Water Services, 5599 San Felipe St., Houston, TX 77056.

New permeation tubes analyze hazardous air pollutants

These new Trace Source permeation tubes are used to blend gas calibration standards needed for air analysis for many hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). More than 80 HAPs are available in Trace Source tubes. Applications include ethylene glycol, cresols, naphthalene, and 15 other compounds not available as 'cylinder' mixtures.

Permeation tubes emit a constant flow of vapor that is used to dynamically blend low-pressure gas mixtures. Emission flow measurements are traceable to NIST through fundamental measurements (weight change, temperature). Mixing the emission flow with a traceable flow dilution gas creates a traceable mixture.

FlexStream and AutoBlend gas standards generators provide the controls required to blend traceable gas mixtures using Trace Source tubes.

Source: KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc., 504 Laurel, La Marque, TX 77568.

Brochure Covers Expanded Corrosion Protection Facility

A new brochure provides details on an expanded oil field tubulars corrosion protection manufacturing facility in Gilmer, Tex.

The 130,000 sq ft plant features:

• Fiberglass reinforcement manufacturing systems supported by advanced process controls.

• Repeatability and precision via automation.

• Full range of traceability.

• Technologies for optimum productivity.

• Quality checkpoints built into the production process.

• ISO9001:2008 certification.

Source: Duoline Technologies, 250 W. BlueBird Lane, Gilmer, TX 75645-7234.

New remote controller for liquid hydrocarbons

The new ROC800L liquid hydrocarbon remote controller is designed to measure and control a range of liquid hydrocarbons including crude oil, refined products, specialty products, lube oils, and light hydrocarbons.

It is suited for applications from oil well testing and net oil computations to custody transfer and leak detection.

The device can also be programmed to perform many PLC functions using function sequence tables or this firm's DS800 programming tool.

Source: Emerson Process Management, 12301 Research Blvd., Bldg. III, Austin, TX 78759.

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