Nov. 13, 2006

New mobile stimulation pumping system

StimFORCE, a new modular, mobile stimulation pumping system, provides the capabilities of a traditional, stimulation pumping vessel with skid units.

The modular package can be shipped and reconstructed on a platform supply vessel, barge, or offshore rig to provide stimulation services in remote locations. The first system was recently shipped to Equatorial Guinea to provide frac pack and gravel pack pumping services on a multiyear deepwater sand control completion project.

StimFORCE was developed to enable, frac pack, acidizing, and pressure stimulation treatments to support completions operations in remote land, swamp, and offshore areas where conventional stimulation services are not readily available.

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The modular StimFORCE plant consists of a control room, field laboratory, storage containers, power packs, liquid additive system, hydration unit, two 45 bbl/min frac blenders, six frac pumps, and two 300-ft flexible steel hoses. The system’s treatment range includes sand control frac pack completions as much as 45 bbl/min at 12 lb proppant added (ppa) and 50 bbl/min at 10 ppa, as well as low-rate openhole gravel pack operations requiring a pumping rate of 5 bbl/min at 0.5 ppa.

Abovedeck proppant storage consists of several compartments for storage of 200,000 lb (expandable to 300,000 lb) of proppant, with belowdeck bulk transfer connections for multiple treatment capability. On-the-fly mix capabilities help minimize equipment footprint while using supply vessel or rig water for fresh water or seawater-based treatment systems. The template requires a free deck area of 40 ft by 176 ft.

Pumping equipment is mobilized and configured using integrated corner fittings and secured to the vessel by an integral grid system on the platform supply vessel deck. The securing system minimizes required vessel modifications and provides safe mounting for treatment equipment during extreme weather conditions. To facilitate lifting on and off the grid and comply with global deployment and logistical requirements, each component of the StimFORCE package has been designed with a maximum weight of 35,000 lb.

The flexibility of StimFORCE helps suit it for batch drilling and completion programs, the firm notes.

StimFORCE can also be configured for pumping onshore, as well as on platforms, rigs and drillships.

Source: Baker Oil Tools, 9100 Emmott Rd., Houston, TX 77040.