North American weekly rig count rises on Canadian oil drilling

May 31, 2024
Oil-directed rig additions in Canada led North American drilling activity this week.

North American drilling activity posted an increase for the week ended May 31, with 600 rotary rigs working in the US and another 128 in Canada, Baker Hughes officials reported Friday.

Oil drove the gain in Canada, with 74 rigs drilling for oil this week, 10 more than the previous week. Two fewer rigs were gas-directed this week, leaving 54 working. Canada’s total rig count is up 30 rigs from the same time last year.

The rig count for the US is unchanged from the previous week and down 96 from a year ago. The number of rigs drilling on land fell by a single unit to end the week at 578 rigs working. There were no rigs drilling in inland waters, unchanged from last week. One additional rig was drilling offshore to bring the total to 22.

One additional gas-directed rig offset the one-rig loss in oil-directed rigs in the US this week. There were 100 units drilling for gas this week and 496 rigs drilling for oil, down 37 and 59 units from this time last year, respectively.

Louisiana and Pennsylvania each gained a rig to end the week with respective counts of 42 and 22. New Mexico’s rig count fell by a single unit to end the week with 107 rigs. Oklahoma also dropped a rig, ending the week with 42 rigs working.

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