Trillion to start well operations at SASB gas field

May 24, 2024
The company will begin well operations at SASB gas field, offshore Turkey, in phases.

Trillion Energy International Inc. is set to begin phased well operations at SASB gas field, offshore Turkey. Operations include seven or eight wells at the field, including all six wells drilled and completed last year as well as a few older wells that historically experienced water loading issues.

About 16,500 m of velocity strings, new well heads, and other tangibles have been ordered and are being received at shore base proximate to the Akcakoca port on an ongoing basis. Order delivery has been occurring over the last month and expected to continue. Service contractors have been engaged for perforations, well tractors, and tubing running services. Marine vessels have been contracted to convey the equipment 14 km offshore.

In June, 49 m of gas pay in four wells will be perforated followed by an initial velocity string installation in the AKK-3 well. Gas velocity strings, a key focus of this work program, are expected to improve well performance for long-term stabilize production, the company said. Operations will occur on the Akcakoca platform including Guluc-2, South Akcakoca-2, West Akcakoca-1, and Akcakoca-3 wells. This operation is estimated to take 20 days.

In July, the second set of operations will begin, including installation of gas velocity strings in six or more wells on the Akcakoca platform and two tripods. Pump installation is anticipated in one or more older wells on an as-needed basis. These wells were not part of Trillion’s 2022-2023 drilling program.

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