BHI: Africa, Asia Pacific led non-US rig count gains in April

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Anchored by a seasonal dive in Canada driven by the spring thaw, the global rig count fell by 68 units in April to average 1,917, still up 493 year-over-year, according to data from Baker Hughes Inc. However, the count increased outside North America as drilling expanded in Africa and Asia Pacific.

Canada’s rig count lost 145 units during the month to average 108. The country lost 89 units in March (OGJ Online, Apr. 7, 2017). Continuing its almost year-long rebound, the US rig count gained 64 units in April to average 853, up 416 year-over-year.

Africa recorded a 9-unit increase in April to 89, down 1 from its April 2016 average. Algeria led the way with a 6-unit climb to 57, up 2 year-over-year. Angola doubled to 4, down 5 year-over-year. Senegal, where BP PLC and Kosmos Energy Ltd. reported on May 8 another gas discovery via the Atwood Achiever, doubled to 2 (OGJ Online, May 8, 2017).

Content Dam Ogj Online Articles 2017 05 Bhi April 2017 Rig Counts Africa Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific rose 7 units during the month to 205, part of a more measurable year-over-year increase of 26. Australia gained 3 units to 16, up 10 year-over-year. Japan’s rig count went to 3 from 0 during April, representing its first units to begin drilling this year. Two rigs started work offshore China, bringing it tally to 19, down 7 year-over-year. Myanmar also counted 2 more rigs and averaged 3 during the month.

The Middle East gained 3 units in April to 389, up 5 year-over-year. Iraq increased 3 units to 46, up 3 year-over-year. Pakistan climbed 3 units to 23, even with its average a year prior. Egypt dropped 3 units to 27, down 3 year-over-year.

Latin America fell 3 units during the month to 182, down 21 year-over-year. Argentina dived 9 units to 49, down 24 year-over-year. Bolivia dropped 2 units to 3. Venezuela rose 2 units to 56, down 13 year-over-year. Mexico jumped 4 units to 22, down 1 year-over-year.

Europe declined 3 units in April to 91, up 1 year-over-year. Turkey lost 2 units to 21, down 8 year-over-year. Germany halved to 2. Norway, meanwhile, gained 2 units to 17, even with its April 2016 average.

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