April 9, 2007

New wireless pressure transmitter

This new, fully integrated, self-contained wireless pressure transmitter is designed to measure and monitor pressure in the oil field.

The AWI-P wireless transmitter is available in battery powered and AC powered versions.

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It includes the wireless transmitter, pressure sensor, and self-contained power source in a lightweight, rugged, case aluminum enclosure for use in tank farms and pipelines.

Source: Adalet Wireless, 4801 W. 150th St., Cleveland, OH 44135.

Pride International lets contract for capsules

Pride International Inc., Houston, let contract recently to Reflex Marine Ltd., Aberdeen, Scotland, to supply Frog offshore safety personnel transfer capsules.

Pride International will deploy the three-man version of the Frog on five drilling rigs off Angola. The units will be used for all routine transfers of personnel by crane and have the capacity to carry a stretcher to transfer injured personnel in medical situations.

Capsule being used during a medivac exercise.
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Reflex Marine says its Frog provides a safe way of transferring workers to and from installations and vessels. The firm says the design of the Frog addresses risks associated with personnel transfers by crane: the outer frame and buoyancy protect against lateral impacts and help ensure the Frog is self-righting and floats if immersed in water; the seats are attached to a sprung mounted seat base which, combined with the shock-absorbing feet, protects against heavy landings; and the seat belts help ensure that falling from the unit during transfer is unlikely.

Source: Reflex Marine Ltd., 13 Albyn Terrace, Aberdeen, AB10 1YP, UK.