April 14, 2008

New mud pump features five cylinders

The Quintuplex 2200 is the newest in a line of mud pumps.

It features five cylinders instead of the typical three cylinders, which helps reduce piston rod load by more than 40%.

Its reduced pressure variation of more than 70% (undampened) reduces mud noise on the drillstring, which allows for more efficient measurement while drilling and logging while drilling, the company says. The pump has a balanced eccentric crankshaft supported by four main (continuous antifriction) roller bearings. Also, its double (redundant) fail-safe internal lube systems reduce wear on system components, the firm points out.

Source: Ellis Williams Engineering Co., 339 Magnolia Business Park Drive, Magnolia, TX 77354.

Fully integrated wireless pressure switch

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A new, fully integrated, self-contained wireless pressure switch is designed specifically for monitoring industry pressure.

The AWI-PS wireless pressure switch is suited for use where accurate monitoring is needed. Available in battery powered and AC powered versions, the switch includes the wireless transmitter, pressure switch, and self-contained power source all in one lightweight, rugged, case aluminum enclosure.

The maker says the wireless pressure switch provides tank farms, pipelines, in-plant, and other industry applications pressure monitoring and measurement without the constraints of hard wiring. The bellows pressure-sensing elements in the pressure switch device are constructed from 316 stainless steel and offer adjustable pressure ranges of as much as 0-5,000 psi. The firm says the design utilizes a switching mechanism that results in improved life, repeatability, and lower deadbands.

This switch collects real time data and helps avoid costly cable and conduit runs, lowers labor and material installation costs, and monitors devices where cabling isn’t an option, the company notes.

Source: Meriam Adalet Wireless Div., Scott Fetzer Co., 4801 W. 150th St., Cleveland, OH 44135.