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Editor's Perspective - Video Blog

Call for more risk disclosure a shot in offshore barrage

Senate liberals made motivations clear when they demanded that the US Se...

Watching Government - Video Blog

Starting with what’s possible

Before anyone snickers too loudly that there were no significant oil and...

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Delays, supply overhang menace North American LNG exports

08/03/2015 Permitting problems and delays affecting North American LNG export projects c...

AFPM Q&A-1: Safety, gasoline processing questions address...

08/03/2015 Gasoline processing operations, with a focus on safety, blending, and reformi...

Drilling activity declines slightly in Northwest Europe f...

07/31/2015 Annual drilling campaigns are usually well under way by midyear and can sugge...

Editor's Perspective

Obama touts green energy as t...

US President Barack Obama received more news coverage in the US for his speech promoting renewable fuels than the UK government did for a new step away from green-energy ambition.

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Proco Products: Your Expansion Joint Source for Mud Tanks, Frac Tanks, Shale Shakers

Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and supply of piping/ducting...

Shell Perdido Custom Publication

Fabricating the Single-Lift Topsides

The Perdido team faced a tough decision. A conventional topsides design required a series of modules that would have to be fabricated onshore, then lifted onto the spar and integrated offshore, but what if the team could constrain the design enough that it could be built and lifted in one piece?

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