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Editor's Perspective - Video Blog

Label obsession degrades coverage of climate change

If the politics of climate change must begin and end with name-calling, ...

Watching Government - Video Blog

Improving offshore safety

Making offshore oil and gas operations safer is never far from some peop...

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Oil pipelines lead way in strong 2014

09/07/2015 US oil pipeline operators' net incomes increased more than 37% in 2014, reach...

OGJ150 scores higher production, lower earnings

09/07/2015 Net income for the OGJ150 group plummeted 17.48% in 2014 to $73.98 billion. T...

Editor's Perspective

What about risks of leaving o...

When the leader of an important central bank considers it prudent not to develop hydrocarbon resources, the oil and gas industry should pay attention.

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Shell Perdido Custom Publication

Fabricating the Single-Lift Topsides

The Perdido team faced a tough decision. A conventional topsides design required a series of modules that would have to be fabricated onshore, then lifted onto the spar and integrated offshore, but what if the team could constrain the design enough that it could be built and lifted in one piece?

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