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BP’s Insider Insights Webcast Series

A focus on BP's global portfolio; working and delivering major projects and career insights

BP’s Insider Insights webcast series: Event 3 A focus on BP's global portfolio; working and...
Wed, Apr 16, 2014
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A focus on the US; major project insight

BP’s Insider Insights webcast series: Event 2 A focus on the US; major project insight - Wh...
Wed, Apr 2, 2014
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Editor's Perspective - Video Blog

US drilling slump a tough start to market correction

Fri Mar 27 08:28:00 CDT 2015
Two changes essential to reversal of a sagging oil market are coming int...

Watching Government - Video Blog

Considering aggressive climate management

Mon Mar 30 14:10:00 CDT 2015
A National Research Council committee looked at possible aggressive inte...

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Falling oil prices will disrupt feed cost differentials

03/02/2015 Collapsing crude oil prices in fourth-quarter 2014 resulted in major changes ...

New analytics, modeling improve subsalt drilling safety

03/02/2015 Analytical models driven by advanced computing capacity and by numerical and ...

COMMENT: Mexico's energy reform: A sobriety check

03/02/2015 The Mexican energy reform of 2014 encompasses all links in the oil, gas, and ...

Editor's Perspective

Yemen: Geopolitics by proxy o...

Do collapse of Yemen’s government and air strikes led by Saudi Arabia reflect geopolitics by proxy or chronic civil war?

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Proco Products: Your Expansion Joint Source for Mud Tanks, Frac Tanks, Shale Shakers

Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and supply of piping/ducting...

Shell Perdido Custom Publication

Fabricating the Single-Lift Topsides

The Perdido team faced a tough decision. A conventional topsides design required a series of modules that would have to be fabricated onshore, then lifted onto the spar and integrated offshore, but what if the team could constrain the design enough that it could be built and lifted in one piece?

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