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Editor's Perspective - Video Blog

Coast Guard cadets summoned to battle climatological foe

Thu May 28 12:01:00 CDT 2015
Confusion evident in President Barack Obama’s commencement address at th...

Watching Government - Video Blog

Kerry lists Arctic challenges

Thu May 28 13:51:00 CDT 2015
Secretary of State John F. Kerry emphasized cooperation as he assumed th...

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Weld toughness study advances reeled clad pipes' deepwate...

05/04/2015 Sensitivity studies suggest toughness is often more critical than strength in...

Subsea gas compression increases chance of deepwater deve...


Deepwater prospects gain momentum off Morocco

05/04/2015 Morocco's long-awaited offshore oil and gas development may soon be under way.

Editor's Perspective

Coast Guard cadets summoned t...

Confusion evident in President Barack Obama’s commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy raises a question bearing on American foreign policy: Is it possible the administration has let its obs...

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Proco Products: Your Expansion Joint Source for Mud Tanks, Frac Tanks, Shale Shakers

Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and supply of piping/ducting...

Shell Perdido Custom Publication

Fabricating the Single-Lift Topsides

The Perdido team faced a tough decision. A conventional topsides design required a series of modules that would have to be fabricated onshore, then lifted onto the spar and integrated offshore, but what if the team could constrain the design enough that it could be built and lifted in one piece?

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The Alternative Fuel Movement: Four Need-to-Know Excise Tax Complexities

( 06/04/2015 / 01:00 PM Central Daylight Time / 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time / 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 18:00 GMT )
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Prevention, Detection and Mitigation of pipeline leaks in the modern world

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Global LNG: Adjusting to New Realities

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US Midstream at a Crossroads

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The Future of US Refining

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