Market Moves: Energy - Feb 23rd, 2024
Offshore Oregon sets the stage for new offshore wind areas.
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February 23, 2024
From the Editor

Our top story in this edition of Market Moves Energy explains the rumors surrounding the EPA loosening its grip on tailpipe emissions next month (rumors that, while reported by many sources, remain unconfirmed by the EPA itself).

The possible change comes as the energy transition proves harder than expected as the country tackles inadequate infrastructure that, coupled with high sale prices, has led to flagging demand for EVs. We’ll also examine power plant retirements, new policies around microgrid deployment, and even the rising potential of fusion energy. 

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– Jennifer Ramsay


The unconfirmed changes would disrupt transition plans by reducing yearly targets as EV adoption faces hurdles.
The plan was announced in December 2023 and proposes the lowest number of sales in the program's history.
The areas total nearly 200,000 acres and avoid the majority of commercial fishing grounds.
As the transformer shortage grinds on, more advanced designs could alleviate supply chain issues.
Most of the closures will be old fossil-fired facilities, but retirements are expected to pick up in 2025.
Tritium, a rare resource, is considered key to fusion energy as a viable commercial product.

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States are implementing innovative programs to address roadblocks.