Market Moves: Energy - Feb 9th, 2024
The country remains behind on net-zero goals.
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February 9, 2024
From the Editor

In this round of Market Moves Energy, we’re starting with big ideas: A real-zero future is on the horizon, but achieving it will require a mix of strategies including large-scale electrification, an underground grid, and maybe even AI. Is it possible to optimize both sustainability and profitability? The answer may lie in digital decarbonization.

In the LNG industry, a recent announcement by the Biden administration could significantly impact future plans and may lead to legal challenges. Meanwhile, a closing Japanese refining complex is being reimagined as a carbon-free hub and nuclear power could prove crucial in the development of data centers. 

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– Jennifer Ramsay


The transition will require massive electrification in mobility, space conditioning and C&I processes.
Companies can prioritize both profitability and sustainability though process modeling and data analytics.
Government initiatives help fund the energy transition, but companies lag behind in commissioning projects.
The White House first announced it would pause approval of certain new LNG export authorizations in January.
Can nuclear successfully become the power generation of choice for data center sustainability?

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Operations at Idemitsu Kosan's Yamaguchi location will cease in March and the hub will open in 2030.
The deployment of GridPoint Intelligence follows a successful 200-location pilot program.
The microgrid’s generators shut down if power demand drops, saving on fuel costs and reducing overall emissions.