OGJ Energy Transition Update - Jan 18th, 2024
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January 18, 2024
Late last year, the agency granted the state the ability to approve carbon capture projects and other states may soon want the same.
ADNOC has acquired a 10.1% equity stake in UK-based Storegga, which focuses on the development of global carbon capture and storage projects.
Petronas contractor Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering signed a contract with McDermott for work on the Kasawari carbon capture and storage project offshore Sarawak.
The Aramis carbon transport and storage project in the Netherlands is advancing.
PTTEP and INPEX have agreed to jointly conduct a study on carbon storage potential in the northern Gulf of Thailand.

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A recent study by Rystad Energy found that more than 100 oil and gas fields located mainly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia emitted large amounts of methane.
Nic Braley has been appointed to lead the Acorn Transport and Storage project team.