Market Moves: Energy - Jan 12th, 2024
How much does the average homeowner know about heat pump technology?
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January 12, 2024
From the Editor

Hello and welcome back to Market Moves Energy, the Endeavor Business Media newsletter keeping you up to date on the sector. Top story this round: The EPA has allowed Louisiana to grant permits for carbon capture projects, but what does that mean for states with similar goals? In California, a battery storage project that uses reversible rusting becomes part of a multi-billion-dollar plan for climate change in the state.

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– Jennifer Ramsay

Late last year, the agency granted the state the ability to approve carbon capture projects and other states may soon want the same.
Demand for assets and services has been on the rise, and 2024 looks to be no different.
Another 308 projects, accounting for 46,000 MW of new generation, should clear the process by mid-2025.
Although still in its infancy, tidal energy holds great potential in the generation of electricity.
A machine called the BioCharger will convert heat energy from burning wood waste into battery power.
The 5 MW/ 500 MWh long-duration energy storage project will be the largest built in California and support grid reliability.
Innovations in drying technologies can safely and efficiently process batteries for reuse.
“Homeowners are not just ready, but eager to invest in energy saving technologies, especially the younger demographic,” said David Rames.