Market Moves: Energy - Nov 18th, 2023
Updating the grid continues to be crucial.
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November 18, 2023
From the Editor

Hello and welcome back to Market Moves Energy, the Endeavor Business Media newsletter keeping you up to date on the sector. Top story this month: It’s no secret that the power grid needs help but updating it will require more than you may think. Meanwhile, states are making high-dollar investments in alternative energy and solar projects are beginning to pick up steam across the nation.

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There’s something about older technology that’s reassuring, maybe it’s nostalgia for a simpler world. It's like watching a waterwheel-powered gristmill grind grain: soothing, but probably unsettling to those whose job was crushing grain between handheld rocks. There’s no way around it, the world has gotten a lot more uncomfortably complicated.

In an uncertain world, we keep your lights on and your data safe. Cybersecurity is an investment in both your utility and your community. With both increased threats and newly available financial incentives, you can’t afford not to upgrade.

From T&D World
Utilities met to talk about the benchmarks they have laid for the future in terms of building a more reliable, less carbon-intensive grid.
From Microgrid Knowledge
Passage of Proposition 7 is mainly positive for the natural gas industry in Texas. Nonetheless, the $1.8 billion allocated for microgrids—including solar, battery storage and gas or diesel gen-sets—is a major boost to distributed energy development.
From EnergyTech
The offshore wind and land-based renewable energy projects will power 2.6 million New York homes and deliver 12% of New York’s electricity needs in 2030
From Oil & Gas Journal
The US Energy Information Administration expects North America’s LNG export capacity to increase to 24.3 bcfd by end-2027 from its current 11.4 bcfd.
From Offshore
Petrobras, Equinor looking to reduce emissions on new, upcoming FPSOs
More from EnergyTech
The company plans to expand its team by 25% in 2023 to support the new projects and increase capacity for the future
More from Microgrid Knowledge
The microgrid, which includes an inverter, solar panels and battery storage, will be used to provide emergency power in the aftermath of severe storms or other disasters.