Robust, Lightweight Protection for Challenging Harsh Environments using Parylene Conformal Coatings

The webinar will discuss advances in adhesion technologies, which have significantly increased bonding strength, as well as the role Parylene plays in advanced micro and nano-level technologies.

May 29th, 2019
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The electronics, aerospace, defense and oil & gas industries have long utilized conformal coatings to protect products from their surrounding environments. As technologies continue to progress, they are required to survive long-term exposure to very harsh environments, including the depths of space, years of widespread thermal cycles between land and air, harsh chemical and temperature exposure, and more. Many conformal coatings struggle to provide durable, lasting protection.

For over 45 years, Parylene conformal coatings have substantially enhanced the reliability of numerous devices and parts, including circuit boards, sensors, MEMS/semiconductor products, LEDs, implantable medical devices, and elastomeric and metal components, that are used in a wide array of applications and environments.

This webcast will offer an opportunity to learn more about Parylene conformal coatings – the coating process, applications Parylenes protect today, and the properties and benefits they can offer products, including:

  • Thin, lightweight protection
  • Truly conformal coverage, with no air-gaps or voids
  • Excellent moisture and chemical barrier
  • High dielectric strength
  • Thermal stability up to 350°C long-term (450°C short-term)
  • Waterproofing capabilities per IPX testing
  • Lubricity/low coefficient of friction

The webcast will also introduce a new Parylene variant – halogen-free ParyFree®, and will discuss advances in adhesion technologies and the role Parylene plays in advanced micro and nano-level technologies.

As applications, materials and technologies evolve, lightweight robust Parylene coatings will continue to safeguard and add value to technologies around the world.

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