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Apr 30, 2013

Learn how Oil & Gas companies are leveraging their data and realizing greater efficiencies and profits.


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Technology and the Offshore Industry: The New Measurement Tool You Can't Go Without

Feb 5, 2013

Laser measurement tools like laser trackers are changing  the face of the Oil & Gas industry. By allowing engineers and designers to make better, faster measurements of raw inputs and parts, trackers reduce the costs associated with wasted time and materials. Machine alignment, blow out prevnter inspection and tooling are all done better and more quickly using these modern solutions Download this whitepaper to read more about  laser trackers and how they work; then read on to discover how they helped one firm revolutionize their offshore operation.

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Navigating a Mine Field and Staying Safe: How Overlooking Instrumentation Could Cost You at Every Turn

Feb 1, 2013
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Playing it Safe - How Information Management Technology is essential to meet more stringent Process Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Dec 17, 2012

Process Safety and Compliance are universal issues across all the world’s plant industries and individual regulatory authorities are increasingly collaborating to share ideas and to normalise globally consistent, best-practice requirements. These authorities have recognised the potential of Information Management technologies for supporting safe and compliant operations and we can expect to see their use progressively being encouraged, expected and mandated as regulations advance. But the issue is not only one of maintaining regulatory compliance. The US Centre for Chemical Safety claims that an average offshore incident costs an Owner Operator $80 million, so there is a serious economic incentive involved as well.

This AVEVA business paper examines current capabilities, opportunities and likely future directions in the application of technology. For convenience, reference will be made to new offshore regulations emerging in the USA, as these are likely to set benchmarks for global regulatory standardisation.

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Shift Handover: The importance of continuity

Oct 19, 2012

Shift Handover is a critical business process. While plant start-up, shift handover and shutdown account for less than 5% of the time, these critical ‘take-off and landing’ periods account for 40% of plant incidents. But incidents are just the visible tip of the inefficiency iceberg. In this in-depth Business Paper, AVEVA examines the nature and extent of the shift handover problem and outline how an information management solution can be used to overcome it. By eliminating many of the discontinuities created by traditional manual, paper-based handover procedures, the potential business benefits are considerable:

Reduced downtime

Fewer incidents

Reduced operating costs

Improved compliance

Reduced operating risk

...in short, a safer and more productive asset


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