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IDC: Using Information Intelligence to Improve Projects in the Energy Sector 

Oct 11, 2013

In this IDC Energy Insights white paper, sponsored by EMC, the author provides an overview and recommendations about the management of the asset life cycle, from planning all the way through to decommissioning. Systems and tools that support a project framework that can leverage information from a multitude of sources to drive decision making are also discussed.

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Transforming a 100-Year-Old Industry through Analytics - Drilling More Safely through Real-Time Data Acquisition and Analytics

Oct 1, 2013

Examine real-time analytics used in drilling and production, platforms for advanced analytics and data retention, and how to encourage better quality data.

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Breaking the Application Barrier - Why data is the most valuable asset in the Oil and Gas industry

Oct 1, 2013

Learn how an integrated data solution can offer deep insight for major competitive gains by looking at the current limitations of the application-centric approach to managing oil and gas assets.


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U.S. Owner Client Peer Group Benchmarking Report

Sep 18, 2013

ISN's newly published U.S. Owner Client Peer Group Benchmarking Report delivers analysis of contractors' health and safety performance data across nine capital-intensive industries.

These metrics allow hiring organizations to establish a data driven, objective baseline for contractor and companywide performance targets; assess their organization's contractor selection and management strategies; and improve overall workplace safety.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) collected, aggregated and presented for each industry peer group include:
• Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
• Days Away, Restricted or Job Transfer Rate (DART)
• Lost Time Case Rate (LTC)
• Fatality Rate per 100,000 Employees
• Injury and Illness Severity (In Days)
• Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

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Industry Survey: Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage

Aug 2, 2013

Industry Survey: Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage: Mobile deployments that rely on cellular data services for accessand connectivity are becoming an integral part of field operations.
This survey captures responses from more than 400 networking professionals from a variety of industries to paint a picture of the state of cellular data deployments: the value of these initiatives, current practices and challenges, and uncovers where there might be shortfalls and opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness as we look toward the future of mobile data.

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