OGJ's Midyear Forecast 2014
Free to attend.
Approximately one hour.
Bob Tippee, Editor, Oil & Gas Journal

The webcast will discuss highlights of Oil & Gas Journal's annual Midyear Forecast. The Midyear Forecast is a special report that uses first-half data to update projections that appeared in OGJ's Annual Forecast and Review this past January. Both reports project oil and gas markets through the end of the year worldwide, analyze demand product by product in the US, and forecast drilling activity in the US and Canada. The webcast also will discuss political developments important to the oil and gas industry.
This webcast, sponsored by Iron Mountain and Aggreko, is to be presented by OGJ Editor Bob Tippee, will summarize the Midyear Forecast projections in key categories, note important changes from January’s forecasts, and examine reasons for the adjustments.

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Iron Mountain :

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Aggreko :

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