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Get it Right and Make it Safe - Lessons on managing increasing project scale and complexity
Approximately one hour.
Paul Lusardi, Requirements Management Supervisor , NuScale Power Paul Fechtelkotter, Offerings and Market Manager for Energy Industries, IBM

Innovation Matters.  We know that the public is demanding clean and safe energy and an abundance of it, yet extracting, generating and managing energy through the supply chain is risky business. Increasing mandates for safety, compliance, and environmental protection, availability of newer and better technology, and more technically challenging exploration and extraction of resources, and demand for energy in remote and exotic locations all create system complexity.  These changes drive the imperative – change or be outperformed.

Innovative producers and future focused leaders know that many industries are facing tough challenges and the secrets to success can be learned from each other. In April of 2013, NuScale Power announced a major technological breakthrough whereby the NuScale Small Modular Reactor (SMR) does not require any electrical power—alternate current (AC) or direct current (DC)—to be able to achieve safe cool down should the need arise.  They created technology that does not require any on-going operator action nor additional water to achieve safe cool down.  Join this webcast, sponsored by IBM, to learn best practices surrounding NuScale's innovation and how they are coping with tough business, safety and engineering challenges. You will also  learn principles of Systems Engineering and how to get started with the concepts and supporting technologies.

Attendees will learn:

  1. How to effectively react to changes in regulations, customer needs, market prices, and competition ….in a timely fashion
  2. Basic principles of systems engineering that are applied in adjacent industries
  3. The importance of an effective requirements management program
  4. Methods and best practices for ensuring regulatory compliance

Paul Lusardi Requirements Management Supervisor NuScale Power   Paul-LuSardi_120x160
Paul Fechtelkotter Offerings and Market Manager for Energy Industries IBM   PLF-Head-shot_120x160
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