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Smarter Infrastructure for Oil and Gas
Approximately one hour.
Arlen Nipper, President and CTO, Cirrus Link Gerald Madore, Associate Partner, IBM, Global Business Services - Chemicals & Petroleum Center of Competence

The oil and gas industry is under increasing pressure to find operational efficiencies, doing more with less to maximize profits.  At the same time, there is a need to further mitigate environmental risk while more effectively managing assets (inventory, equipment, sensors) and regulatory compliance.   This is particularly true for production, pipeline and storage where better enterprise access to real-time sensor information allows leaks and deficiencies to be recognized earlier, and problems resolved more quickly.  

Today's operational systems have developed and evolved as single purpose silos - good enough for their original role, but not providing the enterprise-wide view which would enable better management and greater efficiencies.   There are also inherent communication inefficiencies which lower the speed and quality of service.  The networks could be optimized to carry more data over the same bandwidth.
In this webinar we'll discover how Smarter Infrastructure from IBM can help oil and gas production, pipeline and storage teams.  Learn how you can reduce response time from your existing sensors to seconds, and provide valuable intelligence to your enterprise.

Arlen Nipper President and CTO Cirrus Link   Arlen-HS-Small
Gerald Madore Associate Partner IBM, Global Business Services - Chemicals & Petroleum Center of Competence   Gerald Madore
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